Lottie’s Book Club #1


Hey there, I am back on the blog and what better way to kick things off then with a little round up of some of my favourite reads recently. I know lots of you love reading just as much as I do and I love hearing your current favourites too so I thought this would be a nice place to start with a little book club where I recommend some of recent reads and then I tell you which book I am about to read so that maybe we can read it at the same time and compare notes. Let’s jump right in…

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Today I’m okay. Actually I’m more than okay. I’m almost off all my medication and I’m doing really good. I’m 100% recovered. I’ve been feeling myself for about 3 months now. I still can’t really believe it. I don’t think my loved ones can either. I gave one of my best friends a little squeeze and a kiss on the head the other weekend and she teared up and said to me “you’re back aren’t you.” 

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My Story

It’s Mental Health Awareness week. What happens when you do all the right things like exercise, eat well, spend time outdoors, sleep for 8 hours, take time offline but still suffer. What happens if everything in your life is going well, but you wake up one day and your world has turned upside just because of the power of your mind. I never thought I’d struggle with mental health. The best thing I know I can do to raise awareness and help others is to share my own experience of what happened to me this year. 

I always thought recovery was a word only used when describing someone getting better from a broken leg and doing Physio exercises or people with addictions. I never thought recovery would be the word that defined the start of my 2019. I never thought 2019 would be the year that changed me forever.

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Every Little Bit Counts | Sustainability Tips

I’m definitely not a sustainability expert or the best eco warrior out there but it’s hard not to ignore that we are heading towards an environmental crisis point. I am making changes and becoming a more conscious consumer and as cliche as it might sound we need to be the change we want to see in the world. If we can’t positively make change holding onto the hope that every little bit counts then we may as well give up.

So I thought I’d do a little post highlighting some places, books and ideas that are helping me along the way. Everyone is on their own journey when it comes to sustainability but there’s no denying the fact that the planet is in desperate need of some love and everyone has a role to play. I hope this post inspires you to make some positive changes. Please share with friends, every little bit counts…

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