A Supergood Greens Smoothie

the supergood greens smoothie lottie murphy

On a sunny day last week I took a visit to The Good Guru headquarters in Surrey to meet with their in house nutritionist Simone. I’ve dabbled with supplements for the last few years and was really interested to talk with Simone and find out a little bit more about The Good Guru range as well as why she is so passionate about supplements and superfoods, my favourite so far is the the Good Greens from their Superfood range and I thought I’d share this delicious Supergood Greens smoothie with you plus a little bit more about my take on supplements…

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A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content

Regents Street Summer Streets 1_Fotor

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content and when it also involves winning a parsley plant in an egg and spoon race on Regent Street it brings a lot more than that. If you’ve read a couple of my recent posts you’ll know that I’ve been trying to make more of my weekends and find more of a work/life balance. Sunday’s in Summer should certainly not be for boring admin and loading the washing machine, they are for getting out and about and making the most of the day whatever the weather. So last Sunday I popped along to the second week of the Summer Streets festival on Regent Street to get involved in some of their health and wellbeing celebrations… 

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A Magical Morning On My Terms

my magical morning routine lottie murphy

I’m all about living life on my own terms which is why I’ve created a career around my ideal lifestyle but a gorgeous long morning routine is not always possible or realistic every day. At least once a week, usually at the weekend, I try to have a more leisurely morning exploring new passions and hobbies, without emails or an endless to do list. This week I’m exploring with my new handy love in a cup, Nescafé Azera Coffee To Go, which has inspired me to make the most of life even more. It’s the little things that we must remember to find adventure in; a good book, a new walking route or the smell of coffee. Here’s what my magical morning looks like…

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My Confidence Secret

confidence blog post 4Can I tell you a secret? I’m not really that confident. If you’ve met me, watched my YouTube videos or attended one of my Pilates classes, you’ll probably think differently but deep down I am quite reserved, shy and often have mini freak outs before meeting new people or attending events. I’m so envious of those people with big personalities that can own a room but I’m not naturally one those people. I love my own company, being quiet and spend a lot of time in my little safe “Lottie bubble” or with my close group of friends and family who know me best but I know if I stay in that safe bubble all the time, I won’t grow and thrive and live the life I know I’m meant to live… 

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