Somerset Escape | Yoga And Pilates In Our Retreat Beautiful UK Farmhouse

Pilates Yoga Retreat UK

I love love love little UK breaks and I am extremely excited to be escaping the hustle and bustle of London life and heading to the Somerset countryside with the wonderful Our Retreat and my yoga instructor best friend Emily Spriggs this March. We will be spending three days in the most stunning farmhouse rejuvenating our guests with Pilates, Yoga, long walks in the fresh air and delicious healthy food. Read on and join us in March…

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5 Pilates Exercises To Improve Core Stability

Lottie Murphy core Superdry

We are so obsessed with having a flat tummy, toned abs, strong core but what about our core stability? Having good core stability is what will really support your body in day to day life, it will help prevent back pain and improve posture. Pilates is one of the best ways to work it. Core stability is used all the time when we move. That really is the key word here- movement. Move and improve your core stability with these five exercises… 

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Take The Trip For You This Year | Ibiza Pilates Retreat


The year for you! FYI this is the first of two retreat posts coming to you over the next week. When was the last time you really did something big for you, I don’t mean reading a book for 15 minutes on the train or getting up early to rush to yoga. I mean really take time out, time away, retreating for you! I’m so excited to be hosting a week FOR YOU in Ibiza this April. Join me, healthy chef Kimberly Parsons and my guests for Pilates, healthy food, fresh air and a good book for 5 days! Keep reading to find out more… 

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