Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

healthy egg mayo lottie murphy

This is my healthy egg salad recipe and it’s so versatile, you can make up a batch and use it on top of salads, in a roll, topped on toasted sourdough, as a side and it makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner too. I’ve used greek yogurt instead of normal mayo which tastes delicious and I promise you won’t even know the rocket is there… 

Sweet Potato, Tomato and Pine Nut Salad

sweet potato salad lottie murphyThis is pretty much all my favourite foods in a salad and I would totally add feta too but today I’ve opted without it making this salad a vegan option. I also didn’t have any! Remember making your plate as colourful as possible is what you are looking for. I’ve dressed the base of watercress and quinoa with lemon and dried oregano to make it super tasty and then topped with roasted sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and red pepper. The whole thing is then finished off with pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, avocado and a crack of pink himalayan salt…

Your Feel Fabulous Flexibility Routine

flexibility blog post

As a young gymnast, teenage ballet dancer and now yogi/Pilates instructor, being flexible has always been part of my life and I can’t imagine what my body would feel like if I couldn’t touch my toes or do a bridge. But what if you didn’t go to ballet school or you can’t do yoga every day yet you want to get flexible, why should you get flexible and how can it change your life?

How To Beat “Fat Day”

Okay so I never use the word “fat” or “fat day”, I think that’s why I’m putting it in quotation marks which is probably a completely incorrect use of punctuation anywaaaay back to the blog post. I hear so many beautiful women say “fat day” so I thought I’d write one of my honest little posts and then give some advice on how to beat “fat day”.