Blueberry Lemon Compote Recipe

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I made this blueberry lemon compote to go with the most delicious pancakes in bed last weekend and am about to make them again today! There’s just something about breakfast in bed at the weekend that feels so indulgent and special. If I’m not rushing around or going for brunch then I like to spend a little longer making a super delicious and instagram worthy breakfast at the weekend, although this is not just “for the gram”, it is for your taste buds and will make your heart and belly feel full of love…

The Perfect Way To Power A Weekend Workout

img_6865The weekend is when a lot of my workout plans can go out the window. A brunch with friends or sorting out my wardrobe always seems to take priority but I know when I do get in a Saturday or Sunday workout I feel amazing and so much better about the huge pub roast or cocktail night. Recently however, I’ve been so excited and even looking forward to my weekend workout because it’s been powered by two of my favourite brands ever, Neom Organics and Sweaty Betty. They have come together again and created the perfect little kit to make your workout and wellbeing routine absolutely irresistible… 

How To Make A Matcha Latte And Mask

matcha tea mask

I feel like this year is on fast forward? I can’t believe we are now in October. It’s been exciting and busy for everyone but like I wrote about in my post “Don’t Forget About Me London”, we can let life run away without really sitting back and reflecting. This is why I am BIG on “me time”, slowing down and pressing pause on life. Life’s too short to spend it in a rush! There’s many ways I love to press pause but after being introduced to the new Origins RitualiTea Mask Collection recently I have a new favourite press pause moment that I wanted to share with you today. 

How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend

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The weekends can fly by and there’s nothing worse than that Sunday night feeling wondering where those two days went, either from being slumped on the sofa watching reality TV because you’ve had exhausting work week or because you’ve been running from A to B with kids/parents, doing chores and somehow attending five social occasions across two days. A couple of weekends ago I went to Rye, Jamie and I made a conscious decision to really make the most of our little trip and we really did have one of the best weekends, I’ve come back with lots of fresh ideas to make my weekends more amazing and I’m really excited to share them with you. Now you can wake up to that Monday morning alarm with a smile on your face…

Weekend Changes!

This post is me being very honest and letting you know I am a human too! If you are anything like me than weekends are packed with work drinks, meals out, family roasts, birthday party’s and cinema trips. All making it extremely hard to stick to a healthy living plan. For a while now I have given myself Friday night to Sunday night off any healthy eating routine or fitness plan…the famous cheat meal is a cheat weekend for me! I think the only way I will start to really see results in my health, fitness and body is if I change this!

Come Sunday night I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t wait to get back into routine of good food and regular exercise. I have pretty much undone any hardwork I’ve put in in classes and from eating well Monday to Thursday. Sound familiar?