How do Spanish Women Stay So Slim- The Barcelona Series

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have just been on a wonderful break to Barcelona with my lovely mama.  We packed so much into our four days and really tried to absorb ourselves in the Barcelona way of life and learn as much about the lifestyle, culture and city as we could at the same time as trying to get some time to relax in the glorious warm sunshine! Barcelona really is a treat!

My first post from my Barcelona blog series is a question my mum asked to a very talented michelin star chef (Amelia) who was also very Spanish and very slim! We were lucky enough to have a Spanish cooking experience with Amelia. Spending time chatting, walking around the market and cooking traditional Spanish dishes with her! The question my mum asked was “we’ve noticed all the women here are very slim and beautiful, how do you stay so slim considering the spanish diet is known for bread, paella, olive oil, wine?!”

I wanted to answer this question with notes from what Amelia said and also from what my mum and I observed during our time in Barcelona. It’s always interesting to learn from other cultures and to get ideas and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle from around the world so I hope you enjoy this post…

The Most Perfect Weekend and What I’ll Take From It

I am so lucky to have a big family and I am at my most happiest when surrounded by them all. Last weekend 18 of us went for a long weekend away to The Peak District where we stayed in the most beautiful huge house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by breathtaking views, valleys and the odd local pub.

One of my favourite things about the break was our morning walks. We’d wake up and ,before breakfast, all go on a country walk together with the dogs. It was so uplifting and also calming to be surrounded by so much nature and to walk with no plan or time limit but to just explore and experience the moment.


It almost made me start to think I’d love to live somewhere like this one day, to be able to have this precious time every morning, to breathe fresh air, walk past boars and hens and discover secret waterfalls but the reason it was so special is because I am a city/suburbs girl through and through.

Although, I think I’d like to go on more walks at home. I do walk a lot but it’s always to get from A to B. Do you ever just walk for the fun of it? It’s my quarter year resolution. We have Greenwich park so near so I’ll start there, it is a lot nicer in the spring so I can’t wait for spring to come and I’ll get my walking boots on. Okay perhaps walking boots is a step to far!

Another thing I loved about our weekend away was the fact I didn’t watch TV or go on my Ipad once in the whole three days and I didn’t miss it one bit. Instead we entertained ourselves and just enjoyed each others company. We played cards, articulate, charades, hide and seek, back to base, make believe dragons den…yes I know and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

I’m going to try to have a games/cards night a few times a month. Why not! Doesn’t everyone love Christmas games but I swear that’s the only time the games come out in the whole year. Kind of like pancakes and Pancake Day!

Why do we limit the good things in life! Let’s abandon those limitations. Be a kid, be silly, dance for no reason, walk with no direction and love your loved ones unconditionally.

Here’s a video of our weekend away and my beautiful family. Filmed and edited by George Rose.

Walking and Why I love it

I am not a runner and don’t think I ever will be however I do love a good walk and how walking makes me feel. Without realising I generally walk quite a lot in a week. I walk 15 minutes to my station and 15 minutes home. I walk 15-20mins from London Bridge to Liverpool Street and back on the days I’m working there. I then generally try to walk from A to B when I’m having the day in London mooching around. I love being in the fresh air and moving my body without strain or too much effort ha! You might be surprised because I’m in the health and fitness industry and used to be a dedicated ballet dancer but I don’t actually enjoy working my body TOO hard and to be honest I don’t think its necessary. I take Pilates and Yoga classes, eat a balanced healthy varied diet and I walk.