Being A Girl


Being a girl. Being a girl is hard. Here’s some of the daily questions and worries that go on in our heads or maybe it’s just me. Am I over reacting to a situation or genuinely annoyed? Am I too sensitive or being true to myself? Should I meditate and do yoga or get ahead with my emails? Was it that little bit of dairy or the fact I’m stressed that’s made me bloated? Shall I stay up and watch another episode of Kardashian’s or get 8 hours sleep?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (it’s the thought that counts)

Heads up- Mother’s Day is Sunday 30th March. This is one of my favourite days of the year because Mum’s are pretty awesome and this whole day is dedicated to celebrating how great they are and thanking them for all they have done. Isn’t it so wonderful how everyone believes that there mum is the best mum in the world. It’s true, your mum is the best in the world, as is mine and every other mum out there because they truly would do anything for you, you come first no matter what and no matter how naughty you are, how much you let them down or disappoint them, they will love you unconditionally and that is the beauty of a mother’s love.


No matter what you budget on Mother’s Day, I think what makes a gift or gesture really special is the thought and time that has gone into it. A mum knows if you’ve popped to the shop late on the Saturday night before to get a card and bunch of flowers you know! You’ve got three weeks, so there’s some time to have a think about what your mum would really appreciate from you this year. Below are some ideas I’ve thought of…