In My Kitchen Cupboard

The cupboards in my kitchen are probably filled a little different to the rest of the kitchens in my street. There’s always nuts, seeds, different oils, different flours and grains, then there’s my jars (oh I do love a jar) normally filled with chia seeds, desiccated coconut and a home-made granola but venture a little deeper in my kitchen and there’s the lotions and potions and magic powders that turn you into a magical positive glowing healthy fairy! No I’m kidding! But I’m talking about superfoods, supplements, probiotics and the latest healthy product to launch and claim to change your life.


I don’t think you should buy into every healthy product out there and spend your millions especially if you’re like me and can’t even pronounce half of them but being someone in the health industry and who lives in a little bubble of whole foods and Pilates and happy people, I do like to experiment with different supplements and powders. We are all so unique and what might make me feel like a hundred bucks and glow with energy could have no effect on someone else which is why it does take experiment and the skill of listening to your body to see what works for you. Don’t just read this or any health magazine and believe that a green powder or whatever is going make your immune system unbeatable because really healthy living comes down to eating a balanced unprocessed diet, exercise, drinking water and being happy in yourself.

But I thought today, I would share with you what I’m trying at the moment and share a superfood smoothie bowl recipe with you at the end…

What I’m LOVING in September!

1. Pret Tropical Green Tea

Green tea is like olives! You have to have 8 attempts at liking them before you actually do! I never used to like green tea! I forced myself to like it many a times! Then all of a sudden I loved it (couldn’t get enough) however there is an art to a good green tea which will come in another post! For now, I will just express my love for Pret a Mangers Green Tea as it is the best I have yet to find! It is a tropical one and I assume it is there own brand but it is just the perfect combination of greenery and fruitiness! (well described I know) If you are a green tea virgin then I suggest Pret Green Tea as a starter!