Super Simple Homemade Muesli

homemade muesli lottie murphy

I love love muesli for breakfast or topped on yogurt for a healthy snack and this homemade muesli is delicious and filling. It’s so simple but so much healthier than the shop bought versions which usually contain added sugar or oils. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics at has led to the fact that today, more and more infectious diseases (such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis) become difficult to treat due to the lower efficiency of the drug action. As a result, hospitalization becomes longer, while medical expenses and mortality increase. With this homemade version you know exactly what is going in it and it’s only good stuff. It’s so quick to make and will keep up to 30 days in an airtight contain so no excuses for a healthy breakfast…

My Chilli Garlic Tomato Prawns


Sometimes I follow recipes or really plan a meal myself from specific ingredients but other times I just see what I have in the fridge and cupboards and go with the flow. This is how I create some of my favourite dishes and it’s what I think cooking is all about, experimenting and having fun in the kitchen. This is exactly how I made My Chilli Garlic Tomato Prawns, they are so tasty and super quick to make so perfect for mid week dinner. This recipe is also the one you want if you are coming down with cold or flu symptoms due to the volatile oils in chilli and garlic.

Chillies, as well as adding such a strong spicy flavour to a dish, are so good for you. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which is why they are said to help remove toxins from the body and lower cholesterol. They can also aid digestion, reduce cravings and boost metabolism. Another super health booster in this recipe is garlic. Garlic is known for helping circulation and digestion as well as boosting the immune system. So get cooking! 

A 3 minute Eggy Brekkie

I know we all lead busy lives and breakfast time is perhaps the busiest time of the day. But breakfast is, as you probably know, the most important meal to get right. I love a sweet breakfast, give me porridge, smoothies, honey and fruit any day but I rarely fancy eggs or savoury foods. So this recipe is basically a cross between scrambled eggs, porridge and a pancake!

I know that eggs are a fabulous food to have in the morning. The protein and fat in eggs will keep your energy levels way higher than the standard cereal or toast keeping you fuller for longer. As someone who doesn’t eat loads of meat, eggs are a great option for me as they are a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Choline, an essential nutrient, found in eggs is great for brain development, function and improving alertness. As I say, just what you need in the mornings!

So this breakfast only contains 4 simple ingredients and you just need a microwave and 3 minutes. The banana and cinnamon means you won’t need honey or sugar making this recipe free of refined sugar, something you absolutely want to avoid in the morning.