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Realistic Morning Routine Goals For Summer

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I’m such a morning person in the Summer. The fact it gets light before 6am helps me feel energised and I usually can’t wait to start the day. Sometimes I love to have lazy mornings with breakfast in bed, reading and the curtains pulled open so the sunshine is coming through but I also love to start my day with early morning movement a few times a week. I caught up with you back in March pre my 10k run in Greenwich park and how I was getting motivated to run in Spring, read the post here, so I thought I’d update you on my running goals and my new Summer morning routine plan.

Party Dress Workout | Video featuring NIKE ZOOMS

I’ve been party dress shopping recently for Christmas events and love trying on lots of different styles. It’s nice to focus on what parts of your body you love and consider them when choosing a dress shape. I think the key areas to focus on showing off in winter dresses is legs, bum, shoulders and back. The belly can wait for summer! 😉 With party season in mind I decided to do a workout focusing on these areas! The workout is only 5 minutes long because I know we are always tight for time, especially this time of year, so you can do it once, twice or three times depending on how much time you have. I love doing a little workout in my bedroom before getting in the bath to get ready to go out. Maybe make this part of your getting ready routine!