the essence of her PANDORA post

Becoming an adult is pretty scary and I feel like life hits you smack in the face in your twenties, all of a sudden you have thousands of responsibilities. We all deal with pressure to varied degrees and I do love this pressure; having busy schedule, a booming inbox and constant burning goals inside me. I have always wanted to work for myself and be incredibly independent and this is completely down to my superwoman mum. This is a really special post for me and yes I know Mother’s Day has been and gone but I just want to celebrate my mum in this post because without her, my world wouldn’t go round as smoothly it does and I probably wouldn’t have a drawer full of spare birthday cards ready to send. I was really inspired by PANDORA’s ESSENCE range which is all about celebrating the values you appreciate in the people you are closest too, relationships that mean so much to you…

How do Spanish Women Stay So Slim- The Barcelona Series

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have just been on a wonderful break to Barcelona with my lovely mama.  We packed so much into our four days and really tried to absorb ourselves in the Barcelona way of life and learn as much about the lifestyle, culture and city as we could at the same time as trying to get some time to relax in the glorious warm sunshine! Barcelona really is a treat!

My first post from my Barcelona blog series is a question my mum asked to a very talented michelin star chef (Amelia) who was also very Spanish and very slim! We were lucky enough to have a Spanish cooking experience with Amelia. Spending time chatting, walking around the market and cooking traditional Spanish dishes with her! The question my mum asked was “we’ve noticed all the women here are very slim and beautiful, how do you stay so slim considering the spanish diet is known for bread, paella, olive oil, wine?!”

I wanted to answer this question with notes from what Amelia said and also from what my mum and I observed during our time in Barcelona. It’s always interesting to learn from other cultures and to get ideas and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle from around the world so I hope you enjoy this post…

My Happy Healthy ‘Balanced’ Holiday!

I just got back from 4 amazing days in Malta with my mum. My mum and I go away every year to somewhere new and it’s our time to recharge our batteries and relax. We have so far been to Seville, Paris, Tenerife, Madrid, Almafi Coast and now Malta. Every year has been completely different depending on how we feel and the time of year we go, some years we like to explore the country we are in and go site seeing and other years we have been known to just sleep for hours in our hotel room because we really needed to sleeeeep! I am so grateful to be able to call my mum my best friend and she continues to inspire me every day. As well as inspiring me with her profound wisdom and values, my mum is such a laugh- she is silly, nutty, crazy and clumsy (she fell into a hedge, down stairs and hit her head on a cab door in one day this holiday!) We do have a right giggle!!