Getting the Balance Right

I am a girl all about balance! It’s what I promote and try to enforce when anyone asks me health/life related advice.

We can often tip the scales too far in one direction and this is when disaster strikes and the world around us falls apart. Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration but in my experience things always go wrong if I do too much or too little of one thing.

Don’t Make Things a ‘Big Deal!’ and Positive Outlook

On Thursday, my friend Emily and I went to lunch. Now I only have a small handful of friends that will tolerate me babble on about Pilates, nutrition and life and Emily is one of them. I am so grateful to be able to have deep conversations about things that we are actually passionate about and interested in rather than pointless gossip about TV, hair, celebs (of course we do this too ;)) but I love good topics where we can really dig deep and discuss something.

Anyway, something Emily and I got talking about over our matcha almond teas was positivity and how so many people must go each day only looking at the negative things.

Weekend Changes!

This post is me being very honest and letting you know I am a human too! If you are anything like me than weekends are packed with work drinks, meals out, family roasts, birthday party’s and cinema trips. All making it extremely hard to stick to a healthy living plan. For a while now I have given myself Friday night to Sunday night off any healthy eating routine or fitness plan…the famous cheat meal is a cheat weekend for me! I think the only way I will start to really see results in my health, fitness and body is if I change this!

Come Sunday night I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t wait to get back into routine of good food and regular exercise. I have pretty much undone any hardwork I’ve put in in classes and from eating well Monday to Thursday. Sound familiar?