Take a seat and think!

Good posture in everyday life is key to avoid getting pain and discomfort and key to having confidence! Our lifestyles involve a lot of sitting… sitting on a train or in a car, sitting at a desk all day, getting home and sitting to eat dinner, sitting to watch TV, sitting to read a book, sitting to go on your ipad or laptop, sitting to go out for dinner, sitting in the cinema. It is so important to consider how we sit because we do it so often! I bet you don’t even think about it but consider the fact that people’s spines are slumped in a chair for almost 10 hours a day and people wonder why they get back pain.

I’m sure the majority of you are sitting now as you read this? How are you sitting?

Weekend Changes!

This post is me being very honest and letting you know I am a human too! If you are anything like me than weekends are packed with work drinks, meals out, family roasts, birthday party’s and cinema trips. All making it extremely hard to stick to a healthy living plan. For a while now I have given myself Friday night to Sunday night off any healthy eating routine or fitness plan…the famous cheat meal is a cheat weekend for me! I think the only way I will start to really see results in my health, fitness and body is if I change this!

Come Sunday night I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t wait to get back into routine of good food and regular exercise. I have pretty much undone any hardwork I’ve put in in classes and from eating well Monday to Thursday. Sound familiar?