Making your Hopes and Dreams a Reality

Some people settle for okay. Some people are happy to live a life which is ‘just fine’ and that’s good if you’re happy with your life and not always thinking ‘what if’ or ‘I wish I had more of this or done more of that’. You can also let every day life get in the way of what you hoped and dreamed for. What did you want to be when you were a teenager? Where did you want to live? What did you see yourself doing day to day? Why didn’t you pursue it, maybe you didn’t want it anymore or maybe you just let life get in the way?

The Holidays are Coming and so is the FOOD and BOOZE!

all-i-want-for-christmas-is-a-good-nights-sleepI’m a healthy eater, you may have guessed, but if you know me well you’ll know I have a sweet tooth and I do let myself off and have a pizza,takeaway or cake sometimes! Mmmmm cake! Most of the year it’s easy to manage as there’s only one occasion or outing a week where unhealthy eating/drinking is generally required and the rest of time I love to have a clean varied diet. It makes me feel good and feeling good is damn good!

Now there’s something about Christmas which makes staying balanced oh so much more difficult. For one there’s the numerous Christmas lunches, dinners and parties, the constant flow of celebration chocolates, the work drinks, mince pies, advent calender, then there’s my constant need to bake desserts when it’s cold and this is all even before the big day! 

What I’m Loving…


1) Fresh Air- Normally each year I try to avoid going out in cold air as much as possible as I become a grumpy bear when I’m cold. This year I am totally embracing the crisp cold weather and enjoying taking walks in the fresh air. Fresh air doesn’t do wonders for your hair but it does do wonders for your mind!

Walking and Why I love it

I am not a runner and don’t think I ever will be however I do love a good walk and how walking makes me feel. Without realising I generally walk quite a lot in a week. I walk 15 minutes to my station and 15 minutes home. I walk 15-20mins from London Bridge to Liverpool Street and back on the days I’m working there. I then generally try to walk from A to B when I’m having the day in London mooching around. I love being in the fresh air and moving my body without strain or too much effort ha! You might be surprised because I’m in the health and fitness industry and used to be a dedicated ballet dancer but I don’t actually enjoy working my body TOO hard and to be honest I don’t think its necessary. I take Pilates and Yoga classes, eat a balanced healthy varied diet and I walk.

Getting the Balance Right

I am a girl all about balance! It’s what I promote and try to enforce when anyone asks me health/life related advice.

We can often tip the scales too far in one direction and this is when disaster strikes and the world around us falls apart. Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration but in my experience things always go wrong if I do too much or too little of one thing.

Hair Care Routine

Who doesn’t love a pamper and who doesn’t love silky smooth hair? (I’m talking to you too boys!)

Once a week I try to give my hair a good old pamper session! This isn’t the best thing to do before styling your hair for a night out as it leaves it very fluffy and silky smooth so I generally do this on a weeknight.

These are the three miracle products I use…

Be At One with Nature

In the first week of September I went on holiday to Croatia. One of Croatia’s main attractions is the fact it is breathtakingly beautiful. Even as we flew into the coast, the picturesque hills patterned with tall green trees left me speechless and that was just the start. Our hotel was built into a cliff face overlooking the ocean and Dalmatian Islands. Everywhere we looked there was another stunning landscape view. I spent the first evening on my balcony watching the sunset over the sea. The sky would change to the most gorgeous pinks, oranges and turquoise. This photo doesn’t even do it justice!

Train Hard with a Buddy!

I think I may have mentioned before that I am not a fan of the gym. A primary reason for this is that I get bored easily! I am disciplined in many aspects of my life but when it comes to motivating myself at the gym I am a complete ‘bum’! That is why recently I have been going to a personal trainer once a week to try something different and challenge my body in a different way! I am very lucky that the personal trainer is my friend Luke who works at the luxury health and fitness centre The Albany Club in Great Portland Street.