What I’m Loving- Tabata!

Tabata- sounds like a kind of dip for carrots and breadsticks but no no in fact it’s a pretty awesome type of fitness training. It’s so simple but effective and I’ve been loving it recently to give myself a heart pumping, short but sweet workout.

The method is 20 seconds training followed by 10 seconds recovery and then repeat 8 times, giving you a 4 minute intense cardio hit.

You can do as many rounds as you like and use a range of different cardio, training, weight or even Pilates exercises. Performing high-intensity workout can lead do cramps at times, so make sure to performs stretches before and after. You can read this review on zoe bray cotton and her yoga fat burner programme to find out how performing yoga can also help you burn your stubborn fat. My personal favourite and killer high intensity exercise to do for Tabata is burpees and if you don’t know what a burpee is then you can find out here.


“Doing as little as 4 minutes (or one “Tabata”) can increase your aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, and can help you burn more fat (and make you look 200-percent leaner) than a traditional 60-minute aerobic workout.” Shape magazine

How to ‘TO DO’

You may now address me as ‘notepad girl’. I am without a doubt always carrying a notepad in my bag and I have done for as long as I could write. Ever since I had a journal in school, I’ve felt the need to write everything down and make endless ‘to do’ lists. Now do not mistake this for a sign that I am a super organized person because this is far from the case. No matter how much I try to organize my life on paper, it never seems to go to plan in reality.

Help me…

to do

Simple Lentil Lunch

I try to take a packed lunch as much as I can, it normally ends up being 3 times a week depending on whether I am working late and have enough time to prepare but I always feel so much better taking a homemade lunch. The typical English option is a sandwich or roll however this is not the a great choice if you are using standard processed bread and stodgy fillings such as mayonnaise and butter.

There are so many healthier interesting nutritious alternatives you could prepare, it just takes a little experimenting,some planning on Sunday afternoon and a few bits of Tupperware.

This simple lentil lunch is so easy and quick to make. The mushrooms and red pepper give you a dose of vitamins and cooking in coconut oil means your get a delicious addition of healthy fats. I love anything in the form of stew, it must be a texture thing but I think everything tastes better in a stew. The ‘ready to eat’ puy lentils are so versatile and ‘faff’ free and the chickpeas are a filling crunchy extra.


My Favorite Dresses from Girl Meets Dress

Are you one of the those girls who buys an amazing dress for a special occasion claiming you’ll get loads of wear out of it, wear it once then let it sit glumly in your wardrobe dying for a night on the town? I came across the company Girl Meets Dress a few years back when hunting for a prom dress and think it’s an amazing idea perfect for any girl with an eye for a gorgeous designer gown!

Girl Meets Dress is an online designer rental shop allowing you to try on the most stunning dresses and wear for any occasion throughout the year. They are “making women look fabulous nationwide” www.girlmeetsdress.com.

From Forever Unique to Beulah, there range of brands is incredible and whether you want to dazzle on a birthday night out or at the annual Summer ball, they’ll have the dress for you. Definitely have a little browse and let me know you’re favorite dresses/designers are by leaving me a comment below. Check out my favorites in this little video I did for Girl Meets Dress. P.S you don’t even have to worry about the dry cleaning!

2 Great Nights Out in London

January is a busy month for me, firstly it’s mine, my boyfriend’s and two of my best friends birthdays and I love celebrating and planning outings. Any excuse is a good excuse! The start of the year can become a miserable gloomy time for people because it’s all about restrictions. Stopping yourself from doing what you really want to do, going out, eating what you want, spending money. I agree that you may need quieter months of the year but don’t let it make you feel down by not seeing your friends or going on a date night with your man. It doesn’t have to be expensive or every night of the week, remember “life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated!”

I’m always looking for recommendations and I thought I’d let you know about a couple of places I went.

Moving Out and Living With a Boy!

In a couple of weeks, after turning 22 I will be moving out of my parents and moving in with a boy! Obviously not just any old boy, my lovely long term boyfriend but never the less a “stinky boy!”

Moving out is a big deal, for me and others I’m sure. I’ve loved living at home. I didn’t move out for college and I’ve always had a great relationship with my parents. Honestly, at first, the thought of moving out of that support network scared me. I don’t know why as I’ve always had my independence, I love my boyfriend and I feel ready to move out but there’s still been that strange butterfly feeling lingering for the last couple of months.

It’s change! Change is scary- but it’s also healthy and exciting, it’s part of life and it means we transition from one stage to the next. “You must exit your comfort zone to grow”

My Healthy Cereal- Video

I know everyone loves cereal but shop bought versions are full of sugar and preservatives. I am such a fan of cereal though and when I discovered the truth behind the clever marketing of “healthy” cereals, my world came crashing down! I had to find a way to still eat cereal so I now have my own healthy home made version that I enjoy with almond milk, yogurt or berries. The perfect breakfast or naughty late night snack hehe! See my video on how to make it and I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my youtube channel.

Example of my Daily Meal Plan

I get asked a lot by friends, family and clients for a meal plan or examples of what I typical eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as I’m not a qualified nutritionist or dietitian I cannot give people individual diet plans however I do believe I have a lot of knowledge on nutrition and what the right things to eat are. I notice where people go wrong in their diets and I am happy to give advice.

I am very passionate about changing your lifestyle gradually, I don’t agree with restrictive diets and I would never suggest cutting out a food group to anyone.