Hot Body ALL YEAR round and Video

Whether the sun is shining where you live or not, we all want a hot body right. I feel that lots of women need something to motivate a fitness routine or nutrition plan such as a bikini holiday, Christmas party, getting into a wedding dress or a New Year resolution but what if you can have a hot body all year round rather than fluctuating throughout the year then it wouldn’t be such hard work or stressful when it’s time to slip into that dress or strut your stuff at the beach! I’m not a fan of fad diets or even when people tell me they are going to kill themselves at the gym or restrict there calories for 6 weeks before an event. It doesn’t have to be be such hard work!

I’m lucky that I feel I’ve found a great healthy balance with regards to my lifestyle so that I don’t fluctuate in weight or body shape and I feel confident pretty much all year round. Here’s my top tips to having a hot healthy body 12 months a year!



Whether it be a run, intense interval session, Pilates/yoga class or a walk, I make sure I move my body every day. When I don’t move, I feel sluggish and stressed. Not only does moving every day keep you toned and flexible, I feel it gives you a great healthy glow which is another thing we want all year round! Keeping your body moving every day means your not starting from square one every time you want to get in shape. There might be times of the year when you want to up your fitness routine but don’t go from all to nothing or vice versa, keep moving every day!


I don’t like to restrict myself when it comes to my diet. My advice to maintain a healthy weight all year round is the 80/20% rule. Eat healthy clean nourishing foods 80% of the time but the other 20% treat yourself a little. Whether you’re craving chocolate or a glass of red wine, enjoy it! I believe this keeps your metabolism and your mind healthy and stops the tendency to binge/ over indulge. It’s unlikely that you are never going to eat a carb or grain of sugar again in your life so every thing in moderation is best.

Make your workout routine fun! I am a class fanatic. I love trying all the new fitness studios in London. I absolutely love yoga and pilates but recently tried Psycle which is a fun spin class similar to Soul Cycle in America and it killed me! I have now become hooked and it’s totally spiced up my workout routine. To keep fit and inspired to workout all year round, try new things! Maybe go for a swim one week, try a new dance class another week and get on youtube! Youtube is incredible for different workouts. Type in yoga one day, kettlebells another and tabata the next! ;) Check out my youtube channel Lifestyle with Lottie and I also love the Tone it Up Girls