Open Pesto, Roasted Veg and Egg Sandwich

open pesto sandwich

You’re probably pancaked out so I thought I’d bring you my favourite lunch recipe at the moment. I was first introduced to roasted veg on toast a few years ago when I chose it at an italian cafe in Kent (of all places) and it’s now a favourite toast topping of mine! It usually works well with feta or goats cheese but I’ve swapped the cheese for an egg today and whizzed up a quick homemade pesto too…

Blueberry Lemon Compote Recipe

pancakes food picture

I made this blueberry lemon compote to go with the most delicious pancakes in bed last weekend and am about to make them again today! There’s just something about breakfast in bed at the weekend that feels so indulgent and special. If I’m not rushing around or going for brunch then I like to spend a little longer making a super delicious and instagram worthy breakfast at the weekend, although this is not just “for the gram”, it is for your taste buds and will make your heart and belly feel full of love…

Delicious Nut Roast Recipe

delicious nut roast recipe

I of course love to get in the kitchen this time of year. I’m going to my aunties this Christmas and I thought it would be nice to bring something to add to the table. I usually make desserts but this year I’m taking a nut roast. I haven’t eaten meat in a while and to be honest it’s all the trimmings that are the best bit about a roast in my opinion. So I’ve been experimenting with a nut roast recipe and have mastered it with this delicious version. The eggs, nuts, cheese and brown rice in this nut roast are great sources of protein and I also added butternut squash, basil and tamari for a flavour boost…

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

healthy egg mayo lottie murphy

This is my healthy egg salad recipe and it’s so versatile, you can make up a batch and use it on top of salads, in a roll, topped on toasted sourdough, as a side and it makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner too. I’ve used greek yogurt instead of normal mayo which tastes delicious and I promise you won’t even know the rocket is there…¬†

A Supergood Greens Smoothie

the supergood greens smoothie lottie murphy

On a sunny day last week I took a visit to The Good Guru headquarters in Surrey to meet with their in house nutritionist Simone. I’ve dabbled with supplements for the last few years and was really interested to talk with Simone and find out a little bit more about The Good Guru range as well as why she is so passionate about supplements and superfoods, my favourite so far is the the Good Greens¬†from their Superfood range and I thought I’d share this delicious Supergood Greens smoothie with you plus a little bit more about my take on supplements…

Perfect Poached Eggs On Seasonal Greens

eggcentric seasonal eggs

I bumped into my nutritionist friend the other day and she reminded me of the importance of eating seasonally. With this in mind I decided to create a super simple delicious meal using seasonal greens and my favourite food ever, poached eggs! I could eat this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the sprinkle of parmesan really takes it to the next level. Swapping your standard toast for the seasonal greens a couple of times a week is a great if you looking to keep things light and avoid that sluggish feeling. Whole and in season veg is what you want to be choosing to feel vibrant all year round and I love making eggs the main part of my meal at least twice a week…

Comforting Chocolate Porridge

chocolate porridge blog post 2

I feel like I haven’t done a recipe post in ages! If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I needed some comforting this week. I got back from teaching on the Neals Yard Remedies Portugal retreat on Saturday and after being through the door for 15 minutes, I caught my hand on fire from using a hot pan and oil on the hob. I got a bit worked up and panicky of course and went to a&e where they treated me and I now am fashioning a lovely bandaged right hand. Comforting chocolate porridge was needed this morning…

Roasted Chickpeas


I’ve been trying to really cut back on my sugar over the last couple of weeks. I will do a more detailed post about why and how I’ve been doing this but it has meant I’ve really had to think more carefully about my snack choices. I would always tend to grab a nakd bar, some dark chocolate or piece of fruit if I wanted a quick snack but these snacks can really build your sugar levels

Ultimate Green Smoothie

ultimate green smoothie 2

Sometimes I just crave green smoothies! They really make me feel like I’m glowing from the inside out. I’ve been starting my day recently with the what I would call ultimate green smoothie. If you are a newbie to drinking anything green then try this and I promise you will love it.