My 4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep

2015 is going to be a fabulous year for you! Set out with the right intentions, be positive and make this your year! I get so excited at new year because I love fresh starts! I am a fan of resolutions and I make them every year but also believe that every single day can be a fresh start and new opportunity to set goals, be healthier, be kinder and chase dreams! So if it gets to January 8th and you’ve given up on all your resolutions then take a deep breath, re-focus, re-evaluate and start a fresh on January 9th!

Feta, Mushroom and Kale Salad

Remember their is no one perfect diet for everybody. The perfect diet for me is not the perfect diet for the person next to me. Just eat real food.

As we go into warmer sunnier days, there’s no better lunch then a fresh salad.

Salads can be so exciting and fun. I love creating new combinations and by playing around with a variety of vegetables and wholefoods you are guaranteed to get goodness! Salads leave me feeling light and energised for the afternoon with an air of confidence that I’m filled with yummy nutrients.

This week I’m enjoying this fresh yet hearty salad. The base is kale, if you are not already including kale in your diet then make sure you go out and get this rich source of beta-carotene, chlorophyll and vitamins. Kale helps balance hormones, lower cholesterol and gives you an antioxidant boost! In this salad I enjoy it raw but massaged with my super healthy salad dressing containing lemon, tahini, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. You can watch me make this dressing here.

The two toppings I’ve gone for are organic mushrooms and feta. Mushrooms are known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The mushrooms I’ve used are white which are one of the few non animal sources of vitamin D.

I love using feta in my salads as just a crumble can add such a strong flavour and texture and can completely change a boring old salad. Cheese gets a bad name but as long as you can digest it alright then it can be a great source of protein and calcium when consumed in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle. I probably have about 25g once or twice a week…

Food Diary | What I Ate Today

Today I am grateful! I love my healthy lifestyle and am so grateful for the nutritious and delicious foods that are available to me. I am so grateful that I actually enjoy making fresh food. When asked whether I feel like I’m ‘missing out’ on eating dominoes pizza or cream cakes or McDonalds as examples, I honestly don’t get it. What do you mean missing out! I don’t enjoy or want those foods. I don’t crave them or feel the need to have them as a ‘treat’. I’m perfectly happy to miss out on feeling like crap, tired, getting bad skin, feeling bloated and unsatisfied. When you start eating healthy nourishing foods your body stops craving all that bad stodge and I 100% do not feel like I restrict myself in anyway. I eat what I love and what I want all the time and I am so grateful that what I want and love most of the time is amazingly healthy yummy food. So for a little inspiration or just for a nose here’s what I ate in day…


Gluten free oat meal with homemade almond milk, blueberries, tsp manuka honey, 4 brazil nuts