Super Simple Homemade Muesli

homemade muesli lottie murphy

I love love muesli for breakfast or topped on yogurt for a healthy snack and this homemade muesli is delicious and filling. It’s so simple but so much healthier than the shop bought versions which usually contain added sugar or oils. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics at has led to the fact that today, more and more infectious diseases (such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis) become difficult to treat due to the lower efficiency of the drug action. As a result, hospitalization becomes longer, while medical expenses and mortality increase. With this homemade version you know exactly what is going in it and it’s only good stuff. It’s so quick to make and will keep up to 30 days in an airtight contain so no excuses for a healthy breakfast…

Avocado ‘Mayonnaise’

I love just playing around in the kitchen and it’s when I normally discover my best creations and this avocado cream was one of those times last week. It was Friday and I literally only had what makes this left in my kitchen so put them altogether and what do you get… THE MOST AMAZING AVOCADO CREAMINESS THATS WHAT!

I would say this avocado cream is like a healthy invention- alternative to mayonnaise. I never even used to like mayonnaise in my days before being a healthy bean but I know this tastes 100 x better than the artificial sugary fatty mayonnaise which has almost no nutritional benefits. Mine is of course super good for you and so delicious! I enjoyed my avocado ‘mayonnaise’ mixed into some roasted sweet potatoes with broccoli but you can literally use it in any way you would use regular mayonnaise- with salad, as a dip or spread!

My Healthy Cereal- Video

I know everyone loves cereal but shop bought versions are full of sugar and preservatives. I am such a fan of cereal though and when I discovered the truth behind the clever marketing of “healthy” cereals, my world came crashing down! I had to find a way to still eat cereal so I now have my own healthy home made version that I enjoy with almond milk, yogurt or berries. The perfect breakfast or naughty late night snack hehe! See my video on how to make it and I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my youtube channel.