A Supergood Greens Smoothie

the supergood greens smoothie lottie murphy

On a sunny day last week I took a visit to The Good Guru headquarters in Surrey to meet with their in house nutritionist Simone. I’ve dabbled with supplements for the last few years and was really interested to talk with Simone and find out a little bit more about The Good Guru range as well as why she is so passionate about supplements and superfoods, my favourite so far is the the Good Greens¬†from their Superfood range and I thought I’d share this delicious Supergood Greens smoothie with you plus a little bit more about my take on supplements…

Ultimate Green Smoothie

ultimate green smoothie 2

Sometimes I just crave green smoothies! They really make me feel like I’m glowing from the inside out. I’ve been starting my day recently with the what I would call ultimate green smoothie. If you are a newbie to drinking anything green then try this and I promise you will love it.