It’s Never Too Late Too Dream Big

dream big postI recently had to write a biography for Cosmopolitan Online as I’m doing some freelance writing for them (eek) I never thought that I’d be asked to write for one of my favourite magazines when I was younger although I’ve always been so passionate about writing. I just didn’t think I would be good enough and as a young ambitious dancer I was going in a completely different direction. Dreams can change especially as you go from your teens to your twenties and if those dreams you had as a young girl aren’t your dreams today or didn’t come true, then find new dreams! The bio had to be short, get to the point and show who I really am. This is what I wrote…

Making your Hopes and Dreams a Reality

Some people settle for okay. Some people are happy to live a life which is ‘just fine’ and that’s good if you’re happy with your life and not always thinking ‘what if’ or ‘I wish I had more of this or done more of that’. You can also let every day life get in the way of what you hoped and dreamed for. What did you want to be when you were a teenager? Where did you want to live? What did you see yourself doing day to day? Why didn’t you pursue it, maybe you didn’t want it anymore or maybe you just let life get in the way?

SLOW DOWN 2013- Let’s Set Some Goals!

Is anyone else a tiny bit confused that it’s October?! I literally still think it’s July! Slow down 2013 YOU’RE IN SUCH A RUSH! (Yes I just addressed ‘2013’ as if it were a human!)

Everyone always talks about how fast the year goes by and of course time is time so it can’t really¬†be going any faster than¬†previous years but it honestly is this year!

So are you a goal setter? Did you make new years resolutions? How are they going? (looks sheepish, grunts, changes subject) Okay I’m honestly not much of a goal setter either which is weird because I am a crazy driven person. I still feel like there are some things to be achieved in 2013 and maybe goal setting is the way to go!