My Confidence Secret

confidence blog post 4Can I tell you a secret? I’m not really that confident. If you’ve met me, watched my YouTube videos or attended one of my Pilates classes, you’ll probably think differently but deep down I am quite reserved, shy and often have mini freak outs before meeting new people or attending events. I’m so envious of those people with big personalities that can own a room but I’m not naturally one those people. I love my own company, being quiet and spend a lot of time in my little safe “Lottie bubble” or with my close group of friends and family who know me best but I know if I stay in that safe bubble all the time, I won’t grow and thrive and live the life I know I’m meant to live… 

Why Pilates Will Improve Your Life in 2016


Whether you are a Pilates pro or complete newbie, 2016 is definitely the year to make Pilates a huge part of your life. I’ve been teaching Pilates for 3 years this January and practicing for 8 years and I’m still so passionate about it. I never get bored and am constantly learning more. I still love seeing my clients get hooked on Pilates and how incredible it makes them feel. It really can be life changing, read on to find out why…

10 Quotes For The Best 2016 + Gabrielle Bernstein Workshop GIVEAWAY


I do love a good quote and I wanted to share my favourites to take us forwards into 2016. Sometimes when you wake up feeling a little crap with no motivation to do yoga, have a healthy breakfast or be positive, all it takes is a little quote to make you feel better. Do things you’ve always wanted to do in 2016 and remember that this is your life! Go live it! I also love the look of 2016, it’s nice and round and 16 is my favourite number! Decide to make 2016 the best yet!