Super Simple Homemade Muesli

homemade muesli lottie murphy

I love love muesli for breakfast or topped on yogurt for a healthy snack and this homemade muesli is delicious and filling. It’s so simple but so much healthier than the shop bought versions which usually contain added sugar or oils. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics at has led to the fact that today, more and more infectious diseases (such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis) become difficult to treat due to the lower efficiency of the drug action. As a result, hospitalization becomes longer, while medical expenses and mortality increase. With this homemade version you know exactly what is going in it and it’s only good stuff. It’s so quick to make and will keep up to 30 days in an airtight contain so no excuses for a healthy breakfast…

Sweet Scrambled Eggs On Healthy French Toast


I love eggs and know that they are the best thing for me in the morning however I do usually crave something sweet like porridge or pancakes first thing so I decided to create a sweet version of the much loved scrambled eggs on healthy french toast. This breakfast is epic and keeps me fuller for longer compared to my usual porridge, it’s my new favourite lazy Sunday morning treat…

Comforting Chocolate Porridge

chocolate porridge blog post 2

I feel like I haven’t done a recipe post in ages! If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I needed some comforting this week. I got back from teaching on the Neals Yard Remedies Portugal retreat on Saturday and after being through the door for 15 minutes, I caught my hand on fire from using a hot pan and oil on the hob. I got a bit worked up and panicky of course and went to a&e where they treated me and I now am fashioning a lovely bandaged right hand. Comforting chocolate porridge was needed this morning…

This Week Eat Turmeric

power pancakes

When we think of super foods, it’s normally spirulina and cacao that come to mind but there’s so many superfoods that are likely to be in your kitchen cupboard already and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric is often used in curries and mustard as it has that fabulous golden orange colour but I don’t typically have a curry every day surprisingly so I wanted to start adding it to recipes

5 Reasons To Eat Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal, it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and possibly sometimes the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, sorry Jamie, I clearly love breakfast more than you.

I’m sure you hear all the time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but why!? See below for 5 reasons why and then make sure you check out my video this week to follow what I had for breakfast Monday to Friday! I like to have something different pretty much every day, I love variety but if you find a breakfast that works for you and makes you feel fabulous then stick with that. The main thing is that you enjoy your healthy nourishing morning meal! It should set you up for a positive healthy day ahead!

Also listen to your body in the morning, sometimes I prepare my breakfast the night before and then in the morning I don’t fancy it at all so I make something else. If a meal plan you’re following is telling you to have salmon and greens for breakfast and it’s 6am, pouring with rain and all you want is a nice warming bowl of porridge then have the warming bowl of porridge…

A Pilates Instructor’s Day | What I Eat VIDEO

Every day is different for me but I thought it might be quite fun for you guys to follow me on a typical midweek day as a Pilates Instructor. In this little 2 minute video you’ll see what time I wake up, what I eat, snack on, where I have a cheeky shop, where I walk and what I see! My dinner was in particularly really yummy and I had made it the night before and then packed it for my dinner the next day too as on Wednesday’s I teach right into the evening! It was oven baked salmon, brown rice, cabbage and broccoli. I then drizzled toasted sesame oil, tamari soy sauce, chilli flakes, black sesame seeds and Himalayan crystal salt on top! You have to try it!

A Pilates Instructor’s Day

Baked Feta, Tomato and Paprika Omelette

I am always terrible at making omelettes! Give me boiled, poached or scrambled eggs any day but omelettes are just so tricky to get perfectly right and in that lovely folded half. Well I then discovered a cheat way to a delicious omelette with inspiration from a recipe in one of the Honestly Healthy books. Baking it! It requires no folding and makes the omelette taste so delicious!

The great thing about omelettes is that you can literally chuck anything you want in them. They are perfect day before food shop dinners as all you need is eggs and whatever ingredients you have left! You simply put ingredients in a little pancake size pan then pour over your eggs, wait for them to cook a little around the edges and then place the saucepan in the oven to bake for 10-15mins.

This was another of my recipe experiments when I had hardly anything left in the kitchen- this is starting to become a habit but it is when my best creations are discovered! I love love love feta and the combination of it here with tomato and paprika makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner!! …

Food Diary | What I Ate Today

Today I am grateful! I love my healthy lifestyle and am so grateful for the nutritious and delicious foods that are available to me. I am so grateful that I actually enjoy making fresh food. When asked whether I feel like I’m ‘missing out’ on eating dominoes pizza or cream cakes or McDonalds as examples, I honestly don’t get it. What do you mean missing out! I don’t enjoy or want those foods. I don’t crave them or feel the need to have them as a ‘treat’. I’m perfectly happy to miss out on feeling like crap, tired, getting bad skin, feeling bloated and unsatisfied. When you start eating healthy nourishing foods your body stops craving all that bad stodge and I 100% do not feel like I restrict myself in anyway. I eat what I love and what I want all the time and I am so grateful that what I want and love most of the time is amazingly healthy yummy food. So for a little inspiration or just for a nose here’s what I ate in day…


Gluten free oat meal with homemade almond milk, blueberries, tsp manuka honey, 4 brazil nuts

A 3 minute Eggy Brekkie

I know we all lead busy lives and breakfast time is perhaps the busiest time of the day. But breakfast is, as you probably know, the most important meal to get right. I love a sweet breakfast, give me porridge, smoothies, honey and fruit any day but I rarely fancy eggs or savoury foods. So this recipe is basically a cross between scrambled eggs, porridge and a pancake!

I know that eggs are a fabulous food to have in the morning. The protein and fat in eggs will keep your energy levels way higher than the standard cereal or toast keeping you fuller for longer. As someone who doesn’t eat loads of meat, eggs are a great option for me as they are a complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Choline, an essential nutrient, found in eggs is great for brain development, function and improving alertness. As I say, just what you need in the mornings!

So this breakfast only contains 4 simple ingredients and you just need a microwave and 3 minutes. The banana and cinnamon means you won’t need honey or sugar making this recipe free of refined sugar, something you absolutely want to avoid in the morning.