Because It Makes Me Feel Something And That Is All

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness!” Joseph H. Pilates. An interesting quote that at first I didn’t like because I thought there’s so many other ways one can gain happiness but the more I think about it the more I believe Joseph Pilates may have been on to something. Because physical fitness is movement and movement is body, mind and spirit connection whether you’re running, doing Pilates, dancing or breathing. I believe that the mind, body and spirit are connected and can’t be separated. Sometimes I’m conscious of that relationship and sometimes I’m not but it’s always connected…

5 Pilates Exercises To Improve Core Stability

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We are so obsessed with having a flat tummy, toned abs, strong core but what about our core stability? Having good core stability is what will really support your body in day to day life, it will help prevent back pain and improve posture. Pilates is one of the best ways to work it. Core stability is used all the time when we move. That really is the key word here- movement. Move and improve your core stability with these five exercises… 

Party Dress Workout | Video featuring NIKE ZOOMS

I’ve been party dress shopping recently for Christmas events and love trying on lots of different styles. It’s nice to focus on what parts of your body you love and consider them when choosing a dress shape. I think the key areas to focus on showing off in winter dresses is legs, bum, shoulders and back. The belly can wait for summer! 😉 With party season in mind I decided to do a workout focusing on these areas! The workout is only 5 minutes long because I know we are always tight for time, especially this time of year, so you can do it once, twice or three times depending on how much time you have. I love doing a little workout in my bedroom before getting in the bath to get ready to go out. Maybe make this part of your getting ready routine!

Walking and Why I love it

I am not a runner and don’t think I ever will be however I do love a good walk and how walking makes me feel. Without realising I generally walk quite a lot in a week. I walk 15 minutes to my station and 15 minutes home. I walk 15-20mins from London Bridge to Liverpool Street and back on the days I’m working there. I then generally try to walk from A to B when I’m having the day in London mooching around. I love being in the fresh air and moving my body without strain or too much effort ha! You might be surprised because I’m in the health and fitness industry and used to be a dedicated ballet dancer but I don’t actually enjoy working my body TOO hard and to be honest I don’t think its necessary. I take Pilates and Yoga classes, eat a balanced healthy varied diet and I walk.

3 Healthy Lifestyle Habits I will never go back on!

I have pretty much always been healthy, ever since the age of 16 when I got my first job as an receptionist at New Body and Mind. I was introduced to nutrition and became very aware of what I was putting in my body. However there were still healthy lifestyle habits that I chose to ignore and didn’t want to accept. Over the last year my perspective on health and living a balanced lifestyle has changed and I was ready to accept that certain things had to change! Number 1: Stop counting calories! Are you or have you counted calories? Is your life hell?… probably! Counting calories is time consuming, miserable and actually very ineffective! Okay maybe you’ll lose weight but you might not actually be healthy!

Weekend Changes!

This post is me being very honest and letting you know I am a human too! If you are anything like me than weekends are packed with work drinks, meals out, family roasts, birthday party’s and cinema trips. All making it extremely hard to stick to a healthy living plan. For a while now I have given myself Friday night to Sunday night off any healthy eating routine or fitness plan…the famous cheat meal is a cheat weekend for me! I think the only way I will start to really see results in my health, fitness and body is if I change this!

Come Sunday night I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t wait to get back into routine of good food and regular exercise. I have pretty much undone any hardwork I’ve put in in classes and from eating well Monday to Thursday. Sound familiar?

4 Pilates moves you can do every day!

A client who comes to my one hour Beginners-Improvers class once a week asked me recently ‘is once a week enough? Should I be practicing at home too?’

The answer to this will vary from one person to next. It all depends on what you what to get out of doing Pilates. Some people come to Pilates to gain strength, flexibility and to enhance there body shape while others come for rehabilitation or to improve back pain/joint restrictions. There are some great remedies on Complete Well Being for joint pain. Then there are some people who come to Pilates just to move and feel good with no fitness/health or asthetic goals in mind and for that group of people- once a week is perfect! Pilates can be effective over time even if you are just practicing once a week.