A Healthy Day With My Bestie

healthy day with me and my bestie PANDORA ESSENCE LOTTIE MURPHY

I feel incredibly lucky to have the most unique inspiring best friends. I only have a handful but they really are like my family and my biggest inspiration. They are all incredible little entrepreneurs carving out their careers to be able to do what they love doing every single day, not just at weekends! This means that Friday working from coffee shop days can turn into healthy fun days with my bestie, Natalie Glaze. This is my second and final post inspired by PANDORA’s ESSENCE range to celebrate my friends and their unique traits and what better way to celebrate Natalie, my fellow blogger babe then by blogging about our healthy day together! There’s nothing better than putting the world right with this one over a matcha latte and bar of dark chocolate (this happens quite often.)  

A Beautiful Evening with Birchbox UK and… a Special Offer

I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive event in the week by Birchbox UK at Lululemon in Covent Garden. For those who don’t know, Birchbox UK is a monthly beauty and lifestyle delivery service helping you try out the best products and find the ones you love, you can then go on to buy the full sized product from the eshop at www.birchbox.co.uk. When you subscribe “each month you’ll receive 5 luxe samples, carefully selected and tailored to your beauty profile.”

Each month the beauty and lifestyle box has a theme and this January the theme was ‘Tiny Tweaks’. Tuesday evenings event was all about celebrating this box with yoga, healthy snacks, Lululemon active gear, like minded lifestyle bloggers and the gorgeous Birchbox ‘crush of the month’, Celest Pereira.


We started the evening with a lovely flowing half hour yoga class taught by Celest, who teaches with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but not be present.