My 80/20 Lifestyle and a Summer Body Meal Plan

I get asked about what I eat a lot. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, when out and about so I thought I’d do another daily meal plan post with the focus on a summer body!

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what I ate today

example of daily meal plan

I eat dairy, meat, fish, gluten and drink alcohol but all in moderation. That’s the key my lovelies, balance and moderation. You don’t have to starve, you don’t have to cut out food groups unless you are intolerant and you don’t have to just eat lean meat and boring lettuce leaves. I generally have very social weekends, from about Thursday to Sunday there may be dinners out with friends, weddings, parties, roast round my mums. I make healthy choices as much as I can but I still love a good roast chicken, glass of wine and piece of cake!

Monday to Wednesday, I therefore eat a vegetarian plant based diet as much as I can and I love this too! Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean I live one way for a few days of the week and then completely gorge on bad food and get pissed at the weekends. That is not a healthy lifestyle. I still eat extremely healthy and clean all week long but I might fancy a good steak at a restaurant or seafood paella and red wine in spain.

I aim for 80/20% ratio of clean plant based diet with some fish,eggs and greek yogurt and 20% wine (joking), the other 20% might be meat, homemade cake, ice cream!

This Monday, I ate this meal plan below which is an example of what I would typically eat when working in the week and also keeping in mind I want to maintain a summer body (feeling confident myself in a bikini), of course this is what we all are after, confidence!

This meal plan is dairy free, sugar free and meat free…

My Weekly Food Shop

I thought it might be quite fun and hopefully helpful to talk through what I get in a typical weekly shop. I know it can be hard every week to find the inspiration to plan meals and rather than buying fresh whole foods, the microwave or oven versions look way too tempting and easy for a midweek dinner but I can’t tell you how important and simple it is to make your meals from scratch. To control what goes in your body is a powerful and wonderful thing. It’s fun to experiment with flavours, recipes, create your own sauces and dressings and food combinations.

In my video this week I simply talk through what I bought in my food shop this week, it’s all whole nutritious foods that I combine to create tasty salads, smoothies and dinners. I hope it gives you a little bit of inspiration…

Healthy Holiday Post 2- Tricks and Tips to Stay Healthy on Hols!

So you work your butt off at the gym and in classes to look great in your bikini then completely over indulge on holiday and feel bloated and back to square one when you return? Yes holidays are for relaxing and letting your hair down but we don’t want to come home feeling depressed that we’ve put on 5lbs! Heres some great tips to stay healthy and balanced when away and how you can come back feeling refreshed and confident to show off your tan in short shorts!
1/ Drink water water water!! When lounging around the pool and by the beach take a litre of water with you and constantly have the H20 on the go! You’ll stay hydrated throughout the day ensuring your skin and hair doesn’t dry out, it will also detox you and keep you from overindulging at the lunch buffet!