Getting the Balance Right

I am a girl all about balance! It’s what I promote and try to enforce when anyone asks me health/life related advice.

We can often tip the scales too far in one direction and this is when disaster strikes and the world around us falls apart. Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration but in my experience things always go wrong if I do too much or too little of one thing.

Be At One with Nature

In the first week of September I went on holiday to Croatia. One of Croatia’s main attractions is the fact it is breathtakingly beautiful. Even as we flew into the coast, the picturesque hills patterned with tall green trees left me speechless and that was just the start. Our hotel was built into a cliff face overlooking the ocean and Dalmatian Islands. Everywhere we looked there was another stunning landscape view. I spent the first evening on my balcony watching the sunset over the sea. The sky would change to the most gorgeous pinks, oranges and turquoise. This photo doesn’t even do it justice!