The Oh Dear My Holiday Is In A Week Plan

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So here it is, the plan that will change your life and turn you into a body confident, oozing sassiness, glowing skin goddess. What everyone wants pre holiday right? Well I’m sorry but that was a little bit of fake news. Unfortunately I can’t make those promises and no plan or person should however I do hope this little 7 day reset will help you feel the bestest version of yourself before your hols. It’s all my top tips and feel good gems thrown into a weekly schedule that will hopefully give you the confidence boost we all want pre jet setting. It’s definitely not about crash dieting or trying to change your body shape entirely, it’s about self respect, a little more rest, a little more movement and just a bit more daily consciousness around the decisions you make.  

Join Me At MOVE FIT And A Pilates Series That Hits All The Abs

Lottie Murphy Pilates Move Fit

In March, I am going to be at MOVE FIT for 2 days. This event takes place at Excel between 10-12 March 2017. I’m so excited to be an ambassador celebrating all things fitness and healthy living. I’m sure they’ll be so many incredible females bringing so much energy and inspiration and I always come away from these events on such a high. I’m hosting two Pilates classes on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th. You can book the event and my classes here, use the code LM10%. To celebrate my involvement at MOVE FIT, I thought I’d share one of my favourite Pilates series that I’ll be teaching you in the classes that hits all the abs…

My Barre Pilates Sculpting Class

I don’t think you truly feel your thighs and butt until you experience a barre class! Barre classes are popping up everywhere in London at the mo as celebs and the US are all over it, we brits like to jump on board too! I have a vast and extensive knowledge of ballet technique and have started my own barre inspired class in Liverpool Street which has been a hit! Fully booked and looking to add more classes!

So what makes these classes different to your usual Pilates, body pump or conditioning class? I take typical ballet barre exercises and fundamentals and combine them with Pilates, abit of cardio and core work for a burning kick ass workout!