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Lottie has practiced Pilates since the age of 16 and fell in love with it whilst practicing daily at Ballet college where she trained intensely for 3 years. It was her dedication to Pilates which allowed her to remain uninjured, fit and healthy for a whole 3 years of intense training.

Lottie then continued to practice Pilates after dance college and especially became hooked on Reformer Pilates which made her feel stronger and more flexible then her dancing days. In 2012, Lottie trained with the respected Body Control Pilates in London and is UK Level 3 Mat qualified as well as holding qualifications in the Reformer and Chair Pilates.

Lottie is starting to make a name for herself in Pilates and Health world with her blog and Youtube channel. Her aim is to share with people the never ending benefits of Pilates as well as inspire people to be the happiest healthiest versions of themselves.

Some Words From Lottie’s Clients…

  • As the undisputed queen of all things Pilates, an inspiringly healthy recipe creator, a YouTube sensation and a genuinely lovely person, is there anything Lottie Murphy can’t do?

    Naturally Sassy
  • “One of the most inspiring pilates teachers I’ve met has been Lottie Murphy, she’s pretty incredible and she’s just in the most amazing shape!”

    Deliciously Ella (Ella Woodward)
  • “I didn’t know I needed Pilates in my life until I found myself with Lottie – now I’ll be making classes a valuable & fun part of my training!

    Rachel Bednarski
    Hip and Healthy
  • “Even when my muscles were tiring and my abs were on fire, I didn’t want to stop because Lottie made the session so fun, and did a great job of explaining the massive benefit of conditioning your body in this way. I can’t wait for more!”

    Natalie Goodman
  • “I can see why Lottie Murphy’s masterclass is called The Body – it literally felt like I was working every muscle and the range of exercises were challenging yet there was the time and guidance from Lottie to get it right. This is certainly the way to get a toned and sculpted body.”

    Caroline Lucey
    Active In Style
  • “The class was both challenging and fun. Lottie gently guided us through and gave modifications to suit all abilities. I absolutely loved it!”

    Zanna Van Dikj