A Magical Morning On My Terms

my magical morning routine lottie murphy

I’m all about living life on my own terms which is why I’ve created a career around my ideal lifestyle but a gorgeous long morning routine is not always possible or realistic every day. At least once a week, usually at the weekend, I try to have a more leisurely morning exploring new passions and hobbies, without emails or an endless to do list. This week I’m exploring with my new handy love in a cup, Nescafé Azera Coffee To Go, which has inspired me to make the most of life even more. There’s something about coffee lovers, we get each other, which is why I’m sharing my special recipe with them, coffee lovers can get the low-down right here because I love you all. It’s the little things that we must remember to find adventure in; a good book, a new walking route or the smell of coffee. Here’s what my magical morning looks like…

My Confidence Secret

confidence blog post 4Can I tell you a secret? I’m not really that confident. If you’ve met me, watched my YouTube videos or attended one of my Pilates classes, you’ll probably think differently but deep down I am quite reserved, shy and often have mini freak outs before meeting new people or attending events. I’m so envious of those people with big personalities that can own a room but I’m not naturally one those people. I love my own company, being quiet and spend a lot of time in my little safe “Lottie bubble” or with my close group of friends and family who know me best but I know if I stay in that safe bubble all the time, I won’t grow and thrive and live the life I know I’m meant to live… 

It’s Never Too Late Too Dream Big

dream big postI recently had to write a biography for Cosmopolitan Online as I’m doing some freelance writing for them (eek) I never thought that I’d be asked to write for one of my favourite magazines when I was younger although I’ve always been so passionate about writing. I just didn’t think I would be good enough and as a young ambitious dancer I was going in a completely different direction. Dreams can change especially as you go from your teens to your twenties and if those dreams you had as a young girl aren’t your dreams today or didn’t come true, then find new dreams! The bio had to be short, get to the point and show who I really am. This is what I wrote…

Work That Bikini This Summer

workthatbikini surfdome lottie murphy

Okay so I’ve definitely caught the wanderlust bug. With three trips already done this year and three more booked, it got me thinking that I should really be feeling bikini ready all year round but what does bikini ready really mean to me! And what it means to me will be completely different to what it means to you. This summer is all about having fun, trying new things and staying active for me and if that involves a bikini then even better! 

How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend

making the most of the weekend 2

The weekends can fly by and there’s nothing worse than that Sunday night feeling wondering where those two days went, either from being slumped on the sofa watching reality TV because you’ve had exhausting work week or because you’ve been running from A to B with kids/parents, doing chores and somehow attending five social occasions across two days. A couple of weekends ago I went to Rye, Jamie and I made a conscious decision to really make the most of our little trip and we really did have one of the best weekends, I’ve come back with lots of fresh ideas to make my weekends more amazing and I’m really excited to share them with you. Now you can wake up to that Monday morning alarm with a smile on your face…

5 Tips To Yoga Studio Confidence

Vaara Active Wear Yoga Pilates Lottie Murphy

As someone who has spent the majority of her life in either a dance, yoga or Pilates studio, I forget that it can actually be quite an intimidating space for people who are new to exercise and this sometimes cliquey environment. Remember that everyone is there with the same goal in mind, to feel good and do something for themselves. Whether there’s a group of giggly work friends or the bendiest girl on Instagram in your class, here’s my 5 tips to feel confident in a yoga or Pilates studio…

NEW WORKOUT – Beach Bum!

beach bum workout

Okay so it’s not exactly beachy weather today in England but I’m confident they’ll be lots of opportunities to head to the beach this Summer wherever you are in the world and I have your 5 minutes beach bum workout for you this week! I think the booty is the number one area I get asked to do exercises for, so here’s a killer butt toning routine you can add to your workout. Add it to my Beach Ready workout and you’ll be hitting the waves in no time…

Travel Q&A With My Bestie and Lifestyle Guru Natalie Glaze

Travel Q&A with Natalie - Lottie Murphy

I thought I’d catch up with my girl Natalie Glaze just before she jetted off to Ibiza this weekend to find out about her top tips for staying healthy, having fun and being a total babe during her travels! I’ll be joining her in Barcelona in a couple of weeks for a few days of yoga, mountain climbing and I’m sure lots of laughter! Natalie chooses nuts over aeroplane food and has Santorini on her dream holiday list, read on below and follow me and Natalie to keep up to date with our travel snaps. 

How To Get THAT Glow

How to get that glow collage

We all want our skin to have the beautiful dewy sun kissed glow and I get asked a bit about how I get my skin glowing and whether I have a secret so I had a little think about the things I do that might contribute to a glowy complexion. I went to skin care rejuvenation and checked out their blog on how to make my skin super soft. Of course I still have the odd dry patchy day and blemishes that pop up after a weekend of wining and dining and I’ll tell you what I do on those days too but I believe these little tips and tricks help me maintain a glow all year round without the cheat of fake tan so lets go and glow… 

How To Have A Happy Relationship With Your Phone

phone and journal how to have a happy relationship with your phone_Fotor

I’ve realised recently that so many of us are craving time away from our phone. In the world we live in today our phones determine the way we live our lives and are vital if you have a business, are an entrepreneur or simply want to stay up to date with news. I would not have the career I have today if it wasn’t for my phone. However we are starting to have a love hate relationship and I want to find ways to continue to embrace the digital world without becoming addicted. To learn to love it and use it when necessary but then know when to be a human! Read on to find out what I’m doing to find that balance…