Why I Don’t DETOX OR HIT THE GYM in January!

Okay so its “new year new you” time and I don’t know about you but I am being bombarded with health kick propaganda from every source possible. This is great unless it’s your birthday and your boyfriend’s birthday in January! My birthday is 16th January, next Friday, (FYI yes I am accepting presents by post ;)) and I am certainly going to be enjoying a few glasses of bubbly and eating some cake! However this isn’t the only reason I am not a fan of detoxing/hitting the gym hard in January…

My 4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep

2015 is going to be a fabulous year for you! Set out with the right intentions, be positive and make this your year! I get so excited at new year because I love fresh starts! I am a fan of resolutions and I make them every year but also believe that every single day can be a fresh start and new opportunity to set goals, be healthier, be kinder and chase dreams! So if it gets to January 8th and you’ve given up on all your resolutions then take a deep breath, re-focus, re-evaluate and start a fresh on January 9th!

Healthy Girls Guide To Christmas

 Woo hoo it’s December! Officially my favourite month of the year with a close second going to January, my birthday month! I know that lots of you that follow and support me are basically just like me, healthy girls/women who are trying to be the best possible healthy happy versions of themselves. As we are are in the Christmas month of FOOOOD, booze, mince pies, turkey, roast potatoes, quality streets etc etc, I know that lots of us stress and worry about how to stay healthy but still enjoy ourselves and indulge a little.

I thought I’d do a little video guide for a healthy girl at Christmas! There’s just three steps and if you follow them I think you’ll have a super duper Christmas and still feel fabulously healthy! Watch my video below and enjoy your advent calendar choccies this week! 😉

3 Unique Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues

I’ve really noticed this year that the change in weather and shorter days has started to effect my energy and mood. I’ve been feeling a lot more lethargic and irritable since the temperature has dropped and it now gets dark at 5pm! I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I was at home in my PJs at 5pm, but I’m normally out and about wishing I was! This is due to the fact that daylight tells your body when you should be awake and asleep so technically at 5pm we should all be wrapped up with hot cocoa! It always means when our alarm goes off at 6am and it’s still pitch black outside, we feel groggy! I hate groggy! Winter is time people, including myself, find it harder to exercise, eat healthily and be proactive but giving in to these Winter blues and unhealthy habits will only make you more down and stressed.

The lead up to Christmas, New Year and my birthday in January makes this time of year my favourite time of year so I wanted to look into ways to avoid these Winter blues. I researched and then came up with my own 3 goals that I’m going to try to do to boost my mood and energy during the winter months. If you’re like me and don’t like being groggy then give them a go too!

Why We Are Moving From A Dream Home After Just 9 Months

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you’ll know that back in February, my boyfriend and I moved in together and bought our lovely little nest. You can read my post “I’ve Flown The Nest” to see my feelings towards it then.

I thought I was someone who as long as I had a roof over my head and a cosy bed would be content. And don’t get me wrong I am so so grateful for the fact I have this but I’ve realised that your home environment and features about your home are so important for your overall happiness, wellbeing and relationship.

Our home would be a dream for many people. It’s in a lovely road, has gorgeous unique features, tons of storage, 3 bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, dining room and lounge and a good sized garden in the sun but we are moving! Why? Because we don’t like it! So there is a little bit more to it than that which I will explain later in the post but I’ve realised something that I’m so grateful for which is that both Jamie and I are very in tune with our feelings and sense of wellbeing and I know he might hate me for saying that but it’s true. We aren’t scared to say what is bothering us and then do something about it. We aren’t sit around and wait things out people we are DO it and CHANGE it people if things aren’t working. Which is why after only 9 months, our house is back on the market…

Say BOO To Fear

Happy Halloween week! I’m sure Halloween has crept up this year like a sneaky scary spider. With the theme of Halloween in mind, my post today is about FEAR! Dun dun dunnnn!

However, I am not talking about the Halloween kind of fear of ghosts and witches and wizards, actually wizards are quite kind aren’t they? I’m talking about the fear of achieving your hopes and dreams. Yes, you may think but why would I fear that? The truth is many of us aren’t going after what we really want in life because of a fear of failure and even a fear of success. Success is scary, it may mean pressure, it may mean attention, it may mean more hard work but it may also might mean you being the happiest and most honest version of yourself too!

Negative thoughts and a fear of the future is what holds us back. I’m not saying we must ignore fear but acknowledge whether self doubt and fear is stopping you from taking a step towards a hope or dream you have. I’m always fearing something but I try to just say BOO to fear and doing it anyway! I promise it won’t be as bad as you think, it could even be great! Whether it’s starting a new hobby, leaving your job, talking to boy in a bar or standing at the front in your gym class- do something that scares you this week! It is Halloween after all!

Watch my youtube video about fighting fear HERE

In My Kitchen Cupboard

The cupboards in my kitchen are probably filled a little different to the rest of the kitchens in my street. There’s always nuts, seeds, different oils, different flours and grains, then there’s my jars (oh I do love a jar) normally filled with chia seeds, desiccated coconut and a home-made granola but venture a little deeper in my kitchen and there’s the lotions and potions and magic powders that turn you into a magical positive glowing healthy fairy! No I’m kidding! But I’m talking about superfoods, supplements, probiotics and the latest healthy product to launch and claim to change your life.


I don’t think you should buy into every healthy product out there and spend your millions especially if you’re like me and can’t even pronounce half of them but being someone in the health industry and who lives in a little bubble of whole foods and Pilates and happy people, I do like to experiment with different supplements and powders. We are all so unique and what might make me feel like a hundred bucks and glow with energy could have no effect on someone else which is why it does take experiment and the skill of listening to your body to see what works for you. Don’t just read this or any health magazine and believe that a green powder or whatever is going make your immune system unbeatable because really healthy living comes down to eating a balanced unprocessed diet, exercise, drinking water and being happy in yourself.

But I thought today, I would share with you what I’m trying at the moment and share a superfood smoothie bowl recipe with you at the end…

You Don’t Have To Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

You don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea! 

Do you ever feel like you are constantly just trying to fit in, be liked, be understood, be like your neighbours, be like your best friends, be like your workmates? We all want to belong, it’s part of human nature. However, we don’t all have the same beliefs and interests, therefore it’s impossible for you to fit in and belong everywhere and with everyone and it can be quite exhausting to try to! I witness and observe so many people who are constantly trying to fit in and it’s sad because those people completely lose a sense of self and understanding of who they are!

You’ll know who the people are who have absolutely no desire to fit in because they are the ones we all want to be! They are the vibrant healthy and confident people who we always want to know what’s going on in their lives. They are the go to person for something or other. You can be that person!  If it turns out that you need help becoming that person, so what! A quick look on sites like https://www.coaching-online.org/ will convinced you that getting a life coach is nothing to be ashamed of.  Be proud of who you are, don’t be in the closet with your views and opinions, be that vibrant healthy person!

I used to feel a little oppressed for being a “healthy” eater! It sometimes does feel like I don’t fit in. I don’t eat dominoes pizza with my neighbours, I make homemade soup, I shop for organic food, I order juices instead of McDonalds milkshakes but so what! I’m proud of my decision to respect, care and look after my body and I’m happy to be that go to person for my friends and family when it comes to health, fitness and often life in general!

I love this quote:

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”


Wellbeing Wednesday: Mindful Eating Results

In my last Wellbeing Wednesday post I set myself a challenge to eat mindfully which you can read here… My Challenge to Eat Mindfully.

Similar to a fad diet, the first day went fantastically and I got through the whole day with no distractions and then it all went a bit downhill. It is seriously harder than you’d think to eat sitting down with nothing else to do, I’m talking no phone, no TV, no magazine, nothing! It was such a struggle and I actually had to force myself by leaving my phone in other rooms and even sat on the stairs one morning because it was the only location in my house with no distractions.

Normally for breakfast I have a little routine, I make my lemon water and porridge/smoothie or whatever I’m having and then I sit on my sofa and put on Good Morning Britain. This is the only time in my day that I can have 15 minutes to catch up on the news and weather and I actually really missed it when I was attempting this challenge because one of the rules is NO TV! I sat and appreciated every mouthful of my porridge and felt full and satisfied but not too much different. Lunch and dinner were easier because I’m normally on the go so it was quite nice to just sit somewhere and take some time out from my emails/phone to enjoy what I’d prepared for my meal.

Wellbeing Wednesday: My Challenge to Eat Mindfully

Do you eat breakfast watching the news, lunch scrolling through emails, snacks scanning instagram and dinner while on the phone? When did we become so busy that sitting down and enjoying a meal without doing anything else now seems impossible!

I am determined to start mindful eating!

I’ve recently become aware that I really struggle with this but there’s a pull inside me that knows I need to address it. That’s why this post isn’t about me saying”hey look how great I am at this, you should do it too!”, it’s about me saying “hey look how pants I am at this, help me tackle this step in improving my wellbeing and why don’t you give it a go too!”

So what is mindful or conscious eating and why is it so important?