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Autumn Renew Pilates Routine

everysecondcounts pilates lottiemurphy pilateswithlottie pilatesworkout pilatesroutine lifestyleblogger pilatesblog fitnessblog mindfulness wellbeing londonblogger stretchingroutine

I love Autumn but I think it’s a time we can sometimes feel a bit of of wack with no clear focus and direction. Summer and September seemed to have whizzed by and we are now heading towards Christmas and the new year but not quite at the exciting countdown part yet. There’s still so much of this year to go yet where we can stay motivated and productive, It’s not too late to set goals, take care of yourself and feel incredible for these last few months of the year. I’ve taken on some fitness health challenges of my own but Pilates is my bread and butter and my go to way of moving when I’m feeling a little out of balance. So take 10, refocus and join me in this Autumn Renew Pilates Routine… 

What I’m LOVING in September!

1. Pret Tropical Green Tea

Green tea is like olives! You have to have 8 attempts at liking them before you actually do! I never used to like green tea! I forced myself to like it many a times! Then all of a sudden I loved it (couldn’t get enough) however there is an art to a good green tea which will come in another post! For now, I will just express my love for Pret a Mangers Green Tea as it is the best I have yet to find! It is a tropical one and I assume it is there own brand but it is just the perfect combination of greenery and fruitiness! (well described I know) If you are a green tea virgin then I suggest Pret Green Tea as a starter!

Be At One with Nature

In the first week of September I went on holiday to Croatia. One of Croatia’s main attractions is the fact it is breathtakingly beautiful. Even as we flew into the coast, the picturesque hills patterned with tall green trees left me speechless and that was just the start. Our hotel was built into a cliff face overlooking the ocean and Dalmatian Islands. Everywhere we looked there was another stunning landscape view. I spent the first evening on my balcony watching the sunset over the sea. The sky would change to the most gorgeous pinks, oranges and turquoise. This photo doesn’t even do it justice!

Train Hard with a Buddy!

I think I may have mentioned before that I am not a fan of the gym. A primary reason for this is that I get bored easily! I am disciplined in many aspects of my life but when it comes to motivating myself at the gym I am a complete ‘bum’! That is why recently I have been going to a personal trainer once a week to try something different and challenge my body in a different way! I am very lucky that the personal trainer is my friend Luke who works at the luxury health and fitness centre The Albany Club in Great Portland Street.

The New Easy Going Princess Lottie

My parents have always said to me ‘we know you better than you know yourself!’ I used to think how is that possible- no-one knows me like I do! But now I think I know what they mean. There are certain traits that I think the closest people to you see more than you recognize yourself. I’ve recently really tuned into me, come out of denial and accepted that I do have some little flaws! It’s empowering to accept everything about yourself (good traits and not so good traits ;))

In my case, I am known as ‘princess’ Lottie. As in, I don’t like it when things don’t go my way and I can become quite a little brat when they don’t. Until recently, I didn’t see this at all! My parents and boyfriend would tell me and I’d get in a grump, sulk and go crazy that they thought I was like that (Lottie- stomping her feet!) My boyfriend said to me a couple of months into our relationship ‘you don’t like it when things don’t go your way do you?’ I told him he was completely wrong and I don’t mind at all. ‘I’m really easy going LA LA LA’ And I genuinely believed I was!

Cosy Curry Nights are the BEST Nights

I love girly evenings in and I am the master of them! I love being the hostess and my house has hosted many a girly sleepover in its time! I think it’s important to always make time for your besties and we don’t have to go out to have a good time. Just being in each others company is important as we completely off load our troubles, have a moan, have a giggle, have a gossip, debate, dig deep and discover new things (last week we thought we’d try to read each other auras in my garden!)

Our weekly gatherings are usually at my house but last Friday we went to Emily’s (who was cat sitting) and she (Emily not the cat) cooked us an amazingly detoxing vegetable thai curry and scrummy cacao dessert! I’ve asked Emily’s permission to post the recipe for the curry on here as it was so delicious and literally made us all feel very cleansed! It shows you can have a girly curry night in your PJs and be healthy AND without breaking the bank!!

Healthy Oaty Eggy Pancakes

Some days I need something a little bit more hearty than my usual breakfast smoothie or porridge and usually on a Saturday morning I have more time to experiment. I love pancakes and they are so easy to make without tons of sugar, flour and butter.

These pancakes are guilt free and very simple, I literally just used what I had left over in my kitchen as Saturday is ‘food shopping’ day! They can also be made gluten free if you use gluten free porridge oats. I used a combination of wholegrain rolled oats and gluten free porridge oats. There was no reason for this apart from the fact that I only had 20g of rolled oats left but the combining textures of the oats worked really well.

Healthy Holiday Post 2- Tricks and Tips to Stay Healthy on Hols!

So you work your butt off at the gym and in classes to look great in your bikini then completely over indulge on holiday and feel bloated and back to square one when you return? Yes holidays are for relaxing and letting your hair down but we don’t want to come home feeling depressed that we’ve put on 5lbs! Heres some great tips to stay healthy and balanced when away and how you can come back feeling refreshed and confident to show off your tan in short shorts!
1/ Drink water water water!! When lounging around the pool and by the beach take a litre of water with you and constantly have the H20 on the go! You’ll stay hydrated throughout the day ensuring your skin and hair doesn’t dry out, it will also detox you and keep you from overindulging at the lunch buffet!

If you do one thing this week…Eat AVOCADO!

Did you know that fat doesn’t make you fat! I eat a lot of fat, a day doesn’t go by without me scoffing fat fat fat! I love the word fat! And don’t be scared of it! I am talking about good fat! Essential fatty acids! A good balance of fats has an anti- inflammatory effect and promotes heart health, a mix of different fats is crucial for optimal health, energy and our metabolism! NOTE: I am NOT, I repeat, NOT talking about processed fats- (margarine, cakes, biscuits- soz!!)

A day doesn’t go by without me eating at least a handful of nuts, avocados, coconut oil or olive oil- normally all of those everyday actually! In my dancer days, I used to be scared of eating fat but since increasing my fat intake, my metabolism has hit the roof and my skin has become a lot more glowy and even.

My Happy Healthy ‘Balanced’ Holiday!

I just got back from 4 amazing days in Malta with my mum. My mum and I go away every year to somewhere new and it’s our time to recharge our batteries and relax. We have so far been to Seville, Paris, Tenerife, Madrid, Almafi Coast and now Malta. Every year has been completely different depending on how we feel and the time of year we go, some years we like to explore the country we are in and go site seeing and other years we have been known to just sleep for hours in our hotel room because we really needed to sleeeeep! I am so grateful to be able to call my mum my best friend and she continues to inspire me every day. As well as inspiring me with her profound wisdom and values, my mum is such a laugh- she is silly, nutty, crazy and clumsy (she fell into a hedge, down stairs and hit her head on a cab door in one day this holiday!) We do have a right giggle!!