How To Make Healthy Breakfast Pancakes | VIDEO

I love changing up what I have for breakfast and I think it’s really important to have some variety but to also figure out what makes you feel great in the morning and sets you up for a fab day. Play around for a week with having a different breakfast every day and take note of how you feel after and throughout the day. One day have porridge, the next day have smoked salmon and avocado and then a green juice and then give my healthy breakfast pancakes a go!

These pancakes are one of my favourite things to have for breakfast. They are so yummy, fluffy and nutritious. The combo of natural sugars from banana, slow releasing carbs from the oats and filling protein from the egg make this a great balanced breakfast option for a busy day ahead!

1 egg
1 ripe banana
35g porridge oats
Some coconut oil to cook

Mash your banana in a bowl, add in the oats and crack the egg in the mixture. Mix it all through. Heat some coconut oil in a pan then pour your pancake mixture in, make sure the outside is set before flipping it over and heating on the other side for another minute. Then top with your favourite toppings, I love greek yogurt, cinnamon and berries!

Watch my video of how to make them here… 

Raw Christmas Pudding Balls

It’s less than two weeks till Christmas now and there’s starting to get that feeling in the air! Don’t you just love that Christmas air feeling everywhere! I was asked recently to create a “fitmas” recipe and it got me being creative in the kitchen and these babies were born. It is tricky to put healthy and christmas in the same sentence but I think I managed to get it right with these little snacks. They basically incorporate all the delicious healthy ingredients of a christmas pudding but without the added refined sugar, flour, bad fats and alcohol. They are raw, gluten free and dairy free and have the tasty tangy fruitiness of a naughty treat, you can enjoy these completely guilt free my lovely christmas elves.  The Raw Christmas Pudding Ball is probably one of my favourite recipes I’ve created and I hope you will think so to 😉



1 cup raisins

1 cup walnuts

2 tablespoons flaxseeds

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 tablespoon tahini

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp vanilla essence

Pinch pink himalayan salt

1 cm grated fresh ginger

Juice and flesh of half fresh orange

Raw cacao for rolling

The Detox Winter Salad

This salad is a combo of warm and cold veggies with a nutritious dressing and sprinkle of sunflower seeds. It’s a nice option if you want something light and nutritious but also warming and filling so perfect if you know your going out for a big dinner or christmas party.  You could have this salad on its own, with some rye/wholegrain bread or as a side to some fish or chicken! I’ve been enjoying this  recently for my lunch and it’s really satisfying plus my dressing will make you LOVE kale!

The Super Healthy ‘Wagamamas’

Any recipe with a ‘the’ before it in my food section means it’s a big deal! I don’t eat takeaway food because I genuinely don’t like it but I do really love Wagamamas. I always get the Yasai Yaki Soba when I go and as much as I enjoy those 20 minutes eating it, I do not enjoy the stodgy bloated dry mouthy Lottie that occurs quite soon afterwards. Restaurants add so much salt to there foods and I can really taste the amount of salt added to dishes and sauces now. With anything home cooked, you are in control of how much salt and oil you add which makes such a difference. There really is no need to go crazy on salt. I made this dish last weekend and it really reminded me of a combination of the dishes I enjoy at Wagamamas and in my opinion it tastes soooo much better. It also didn’t leave me feeling stodgy at all and I ate A LOT. This is the perfect weekend night cosy TV meal, it honestly doesn’t take long either, probably quicker then you ordering and waiting for a takeaway. I hope you try this and enjoy it and do give me your opinion on whether you think it’s better than the real deal!

The Cold Busting Soup YOU NEED NOW!

 Sniff, sniff, cough cough, snuffle snuffle, sneeeeze!! That is all, here’s the soup you need!! I made this in the week and honestly my nose was like praise the lorddddd I can breathe again and then I slept like a baby! Its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, de congesting, circulation aiding and yummy!


Coconut Oil (1 tbsp)

3 garlic cloves

1 green chilli

Big chunk ginger

1 red onion

Salt and pepper

Plunnet of mushrooms

2 large sweet potatoes

1 parsnip

Vegetable stock


Healthy Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate and used to order one from any Costa, Nero, Starbucks I passed. I also used to make my own “low calorie” “healthy” options at home from the little satchets you get at the supermarket, I can’t believe in the winter I used to get through these satchets like my nanny used to get through teabags!

Unfortunately, most hot chocolates wherever you get them from are normally full of a weird kind of fat reduced cocao powder, sugar, sweeteners and milk powders. They are probably the worst thing to order from a coffee shop especially if you can’t resist all that whipped cream on top!

But I’m not giving up my love for hot chocolate that easy! It’s really simple to make your own super healthy and natural hot chocolate at home and I know this recipe is going to see me through the cold months ahead! Soma is recommended for painful muscle spasm associated with diseases of the spine. Just from the my case. I have cervical osteochondrosis. Apply the drug and after surgery, and with neurological diseases, etc. Using plain unsweetened cacao powder means you’ll be getting a great boost of antioxidants too! Give it a try and let me know what you think…

Baked Feta, Tomato and Paprika Omelette

I am always terrible at making omelettes! Give me boiled, poached or scrambled eggs any day but omelettes are just so tricky to get perfectly right and in that lovely folded half. Well I then discovered a cheat way to a delicious omelette with inspiration from a recipe in one of the Honestly Healthy books. Baking it! It requires no folding and makes the omelette taste so delicious!

The great thing about omelettes is that you can literally chuck anything you want in them. They are perfect day before food shop dinners as all you need is eggs and whatever ingredients you have left! You simply put ingredients in a little pancake size pan then pour over your eggs, wait for them to cook a little around the edges and then place the saucepan in the oven to bake for 10-15mins.

This was another of my recipe experiments when I had hardly anything left in the kitchen- this is starting to become a habit but it is when my best creations are discovered! I love love love feta and the combination of it here with tomato and paprika makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner!! …

Foodie Fridays: Raw Mango Dessert

I am a dessert girl. After I’ve had my dinner in the evening, I always fancy something a little sweeter and I’m always perusing the dessert menu at restaurants no matter how stuffed I am. Some quick go to desserts I normally have at home are things like greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon or coconut flakes, oatcakes, dark chocolate etc, but the other day I just fancied being a little more adventurous and this Raw Mango Dessert was born and I absolutely love it.

Mango is one of my favourite tropical fruits. They are high in the antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C so they are really good for your immune system- just what we need to keep us healthy in Autumn. Mangos are also great for aiding digestion as they contain enzymes which help breakdown protein and fibre. This dessert feels really indulgent and filling but is only full of goodness so you can enjoy completely guilt-free!

Avocado ‘Mayonnaise’

I love just playing around in the kitchen and it’s when I normally discover my best creations and this avocado cream was one of those times last week. It was Friday and I literally only had what makes this left in my kitchen so put them altogether and what do you get… THE MOST AMAZING AVOCADO CREAMINESS THATS WHAT!

I would say this avocado cream is like a healthy invention- alternative to mayonnaise. I never even used to like mayonnaise in my days before being a healthy bean but I know this tastes 100 x better than the artificial sugary fatty mayonnaise which has almost no nutritional benefits. Mine is of course super good for you and so delicious! I enjoyed my avocado ‘mayonnaise’ mixed into some roasted sweet potatoes with broccoli but you can literally use it in any way you would use regular mayonnaise- with salad, as a dip or spread!