Healthy Chocolate Raspberry Bake

Raspberry Bake

My boyfriend always moans that I never follow a recipe word for word but I don’t really see that as cooking/baking if you do- it’s just reading and following instructors.  If you don’t have something or don’t like one of the ingredients then change it! If it turns out awful then who cares! For instance- my boyfriend said “why did you feel the need to put raspberries in this cake?” he he but for me- the raspberries totally work! They add a sweet fruity gooey texture to this choccie bake! 

3 Healthy Quick After Dinner Desserts

I have always had a sweet tooth and have to have something a little sweet after my dinner every night. This is definitely something I’m gradually trying to cut back on but if you’re aware of your sugar intake from all sources then a little night time sweetness won’t hurt. I’ve learnt to try and find healthy quick dessert ideas and they make me happy so I wanted to share them with you if you also crave cheesecake and chocolate pudding at around 8pm.

Sweet Black Bean Jacket

Baked beans, jacket potato and cheese was one of my favourite school lunches as a child, there’s something so comforting about a jacket potato. This dinner is a healthier alternative and full of amazing nutrients which will also fill you up, I’ve been loving it for dinner and lunch since the weather turned so cold…

Turmeric Cabbage Scramble

I have recently become more aware of the amount of hidden sugar in things I eat especially in my go to snacks! I love to snack on nakd bars, dried fruit and nuts, dark chocolate, oatcakes with honey, bananas, carrots and hummus and all these snacks are actually quite high in sugar. Yes they are healthy snacks and the sugar is natural sugar but it all adds up and I wanted to find some less sugary snacks! I created this Turmeric Cabbage Scramble. Turmeric is the most anti-inflammatory spice and adds a lovely flavour to this simple green high protein snack. This is a nutritious snack you can make at home in 10 minutes or even turn it into a meal by adding some rye bread and avocado!