Jasmine Hemsley’s Quinoa and Coriander Seed Flapjack Recipe


If you haven’t heard of Jasmine Hemsley and her latest East By West, Mind Body Balance recipe book then where and what have you been doing these last few weeks? She’s the glowing girl of the moment and her new recipe book is a hit in my house. I’ve always been a fan of the Hemsley and Hemsley girlies and their recipes for years after meeting them at a Supper Club a few years ago. Last year, Jasmine Hemsley opened a pop up cafe just off Regents Street called East By West which was inspired by Ayurveda; Jasmine was there one day I visited, glowing from head to toe as she always does and bought over a golden spoon to our table.

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Orange and Avocado Porridge


This post was sponsored as an advertorial for Quaker Oats UK

Porridge is my go to breakfast in the morning and like a lot of people I know I even look forward to my morning bowl the night before, it’s the little things in life! I’ve always loved the way Oats So Simple porridge turns out so creamy, it’s exactly the consistency I love my oats to be and what would usually take me 15 minutes with regular rolled oats, takes 2 minutes with their handy sachets; perfect for a morning when I’m heading out early to workout or teach clients. They have just launched a range of protein oats too with 15% of the sachet being plant based soya protein…

My First Fitness Challenge + Cherry Bakewell Slice Recipe

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So this time next week I’ll be setting out on a 45 miles bike ride from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. It’s for the Princes Trust #Palace2Palace charity bike ride and when I first signed up in January, the 1st October seemed like very long long way away. I haven’t had a bike since I was 7 and have never even thought I’d be an adult that rides a bike on an actual road that has cars and buses and roundabouts on it but here I am in 2017 with a proper bike, quite a few road miles in the bag and about to embark on my first charity cycle challenge…

My Top 8 Coffee and Laptop Spots in London (and they do oat milk!)

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If you follow my Instagram stories you’ll know that my life is very on the go and during the week I could be teaching clients, teaching at press events, attending launches, meetings, working out, catching up with friends etc; so I tend to work from coffee shops for a few hours at a time. Over the years I’ve potentially got a bit picky with my coffee and freelance life has enabled me to find my little wifi spots to hang out and get cosy with my laptop. My environment is key when I’m working whether it’s smashing through emails, writing a blog post or organising my retreats, I like to be around a buzz of creative people all working on their own projects. I rarely work from home but when I do I’m way less productive and the coffee isn’t so good. You’d be surprised who you get chatting to working this way too. I’m usually in Central London between Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and The City. I’ve rounded up 8 of my fave places to hang out, enjoy some granola or avo on toast and a cup of coffee (don’t forget the oat milk) and get my laptop out! You won’t feel uncomfortable either as I guarantee the person next to you will have there’s out too…

Five Of The Best Meals I’ve Had In My Life So Far

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I love eating out and trying new restaurants. I get excited over a menu, the interior design, and it’s also one of my favourite things about living in London and travelling. For me, there’s nothing better than enjoying an incredible dish whether it’s alone, with friends, at home, at a restaurant with wine for 4 hours or a bite of something delicious at a street food festival. I thought I’d share five of the best meals out I’ve ever had with you, these are the ones that made me excited, speechless and remember for life…

Baked Eggs and Beans With Mushrooms, Spinach and Quinoa

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I’ve always been random in the kitchen and perhaps in life but mainly in the kitchen. I love making something out of nothing and will always try to make the most out of what ingredients I have left at the end of a week. This is where the famous one-pot comes in handy, if I’m in a rush/impatient then the one pot stays on the hob and usually has a base of whatever veggies I’ve got left then quinoa, lentils or rice, lots of flavour from spices and herbs then either a big scoop of houmous, a sprinkle of nuts and seeds, a side of guacamole or eggs. When I’ve got a little longer I prefer to use the oven and baked eggs are my fave…

What Happens When 15 Girls Hit The “Other Side” Of Ibiza

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Adding 15 girls who don’t know each other to a whatsapp group knowing they are jumping on flights to Ibiza leaving the heels at home and packing leggings and journals for my first ever retreat didn’t feel real as I approached our gorgeous villa and home for the week a couple of weekends ago. After months of preparation, I felt like I was so ready to welcome them and make their week one to remember. Whether it was sparking a new passion for Pilates, introducing them to a new way of eating or simply creating a zen environment for them to switch off and finally read that book; I had butterflies in my belly for what the week would become. What I could only have dreamt came true- making friends for life, starting new adventures and having the most fun! Here’s the low down on my first Ibiza retreat…

Healthy Eating “Rules” That Don’t Make Sense To Me

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I remember waking up one morning a couple of years ago after reading so much information on dietary theories and nutrition, that I simply didn’t know what to eat. Should I have eggs, a smoothie, porridge, a steak!? With so many ‘rules’ and conflicting information out there, I felt overwhelmed and lost touch with listening to my body. I think we can all be guilty of this with the distractions and stresses daily life can put on us. Now as a qualified holistic health coach, I believe that stressing out over what to eat just isn’t healthy – and unfortunately, there’s not one miracle diet out there for everyone. 

Healthy Hair And A Botanical Bake

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I’m all about adding a little bit of nature to my life in any way I can. I love plants (although still trying to learn how to keep them alive). I also love combining beauty and botanicals and this year I’ve been lucky enough to fully immerse myself on two occasions with the new plant loving haircare brand Botanicals Fresh Care, once in Paris and then at The Thyme Cottages. Since first being introduced to this brand in January, I’ve been using their Coriander range which is aimed at strengthening the hair, perfect for me due to my constant need for beachy sunkissed waves unfortunately meaning bleach and hot curling tongs. I was inspired by the range to create a botanical bake secretly packing in some of that super coriander…

You Can Have It All

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve just got back from Thyme Cottages in Wiltshire. Whenever I escape London even if it’s for 24 hours, I feel like time stands still a little and I get a new perspective on my life back in London and it was so wonderful to be away with the most incredible group of people this time. The women in my community inspire me daily online but even more so when I get to hang out with them in person…