Get Yourself A Backpack Baby

This is the first year I’ve had a backpack since I was about 6 and I love it. Backpacks are so fun and I’ve been loving the benefits, especially having free hands to swing around. I have to carry around so much with me and my shoulders and neck were really starting to get tense towards the end of last year. With a backpack the weight is evenly distributed across the body and the strongest muscles in the body, the abdominals and the back support the backpack. Just be aware that you are not leaning forwards to counteract the weight of the pack as this can lead to posture problems!  My nice handbags were also getting ruined from being carried around all day and I also fill them up with healthy snacks so I thought right new year, new me, new backpack!

I love adding a bit of colour with accessories and bags as I’m not so daring with the colours I wear so I bought this New Balance Red Check one and I love it! In my latest video I show you it in more detail and all the things I carry in it! I thought it might be interesting to see what a Pilates instructor and healthy lifestyle blogger carries with her day to day and you might be surprised by a few unusual items. Check out my video here! I’ve also picked my favourite four backpacks from ASOS which you can see below. I love the metallic one the best and think I might get that for Spring time…

My Lululemon Mat Moves Class / Video Lean Legs Workout

Last Saturday I taught my Mat Moves Pilates class at the Lululemon showroom in Covent Garden. My Mat Moves class is a whole body conditioning class and incorporates Pilates exercises with traditional ballet barre exercises transferred to the mat. The class works deep intrinsic muscles that you never knew existed and aims to improve flexibility, posture and core stability to give you that long lean sculpted physique!


I was so excited to teach at the store as I love Lululemon’s activewear (I own 4 pairs of there leggings already- they are the best!) I was really looking forward to becoming part of Lululemon community especially as they are soon to be opening a new permanent store on the famous Long Arce.

A Conversation with… TV Host and Style Expert Electra Formosa

Want to find out Electra Formosa’s favourite places to eat, things to cook and how she keeps her skin so gorgeous? Keep reading…

I’ve followed Electra on social media and watched her beauty and fashion Youtube videos for a while. We met at a healthy lifestyle event last month where we took a yoga class and talked juice cleanses and LA dreams, I wasn’t surprised that she is as glowing, happy and positive in person as she is online.

Electra is in the fashion and TV industry but is also passionate about healthy living and lives a beautiful balanced life along side busy London Fashion Weeks, presenting for Disney and styling in LA. I was sure Electra would have some great tips to share with us so read her inspiring interview below to find out a little more…


My Favorite Dresses from Girl Meets Dress

Are you one of the those girls who buys an amazing dress for a special occasion claiming you’ll get loads of wear out of it, wear it once then let it sit glumly in your wardrobe dying for a night on the town? I came across the company Girl Meets Dress a few years back when hunting for a prom dress and think it’s an amazing idea perfect for any girl with an eye for a gorgeous designer gown!

Girl Meets Dress is an online designer rental shop allowing you to try on the most stunning dresses and wear for any occasion throughout the year. They are “making women look fabulous nationwide”

From Forever Unique to Beulah, there range of brands is incredible and whether you want to dazzle on a birthday night out or at the annual Summer ball, they’ll have the dress for you. Definitely have a little browse and let me know you’re favorite dresses/designers are by leaving me a comment below. Check out my favorites in this little video I did for Girl Meets Dress. P.S you don’t even have to worry about the dry cleaning!

The New Winter Coat

I was holding off buying a warm coat before Christmas because I just didn’t think it was cold enough but gawd almighty it’s getting pretty chilly now so I thought right get your booty out to the shops and find a warm coat. I think January and February are the coldest months so a well lined and long lengthed coat is definitely necessary.

Mango Duck Feather Parka

Fashion Post- LBLD!

LBLD is the little black leather dress! My go to outfit is always black. You’ll know by my wardrobe as I own 3 black leather jackets and 5 pairs of skinny black jeans. I think you can’t go wrong with a LBD and leather is everywhere at the moment. With a LBLD you’ll feel safe, sophisticated but on trend as well. Here’s a few of my favorites on the high street at the moment.