4 Pilates moves you can do every day!

A client who comes to my one hour Beginners-Improvers class once a week asked me recently ‘is once a week enough? Should I be practicing at home too?’

The answer to this will vary from one person to next. It all depends on what you what to get out of doing Pilates. Some people come to Pilates to gain strength, flexibility and to enhance there body shape while others come for rehabilitation or to improve back pain/joint restrictions. There are some great remedies on Complete Well Being for joint pain. Then there are some people who come to Pilates just to move and feel good with no fitness/health or asthetic goals in mind and for that group of people- once a week is perfect! Pilates can be effective over time even if you are just practicing once a week.

Ban Diets!

It’s Monday morning and once again you’re starting a new diet. You start off well with porridge and water for breakfast, you feel hungry all morning but Monday willpower gets you to your chicken salad at lunch, afternoon cravings makes you wonder what healthy snack you can nibble and opt for a handful of nuts but there’s mini cupcakes in the staffroom and nobodies around so you scoff two, (they don’t count), you feel bad so dinner is salmon and lettuce leafs but by the evening you are just craving chocolate and treat yourself for being good by having a chocolate biscuit dunked in tea as well as your healthy fruit and nuts. Tuesday starts off good again but progressively you slip back to old habits throughout the day and by Wednesday you have completely forgotten you started the week with a mission to be ‘good!’