Shoot with Zaggora and new ‘calorie burning’ leggings!

Some people may or may not know that I dip in and out of modelling. I would definitely no longer call myself a ‘model’ but whenever I can attend castings/shoots I do. Last Tuesday I got a text from my agency asking me to go to a casting for Zaggora (a fitness clothing brand), because I am so much more chilled about castings now I seem to be more successful and I got asked to do the shoot…on the Wednesday. Yes, everything in the industry is that last minute! Of course, I had my Pilates classes to teach and that is my number one commitment so I ended up having a mad day rushing between teaching and the shoot! It was a great shoot and I really love the brand so I thought I’d tell you a little more about the new leggings I was modelling.

Take a seat and think!

Good posture in everyday life is key to avoid getting pain and discomfort and key to having confidence! Our lifestyles involve a lot of sitting… sitting on a train or in a car, sitting at a desk all day, getting home and sitting to eat dinner, sitting to watch TV, sitting to read a book, sitting to go on your ipad or laptop, sitting to go out for dinner, sitting in the cinema. It is so important to consider how we sit because we do it so often! I bet you don’t even think about it but consider the fact that people’s spines are slumped in a chair for almost 10 hours a day and people wonder why they get back pain.

I’m sure the majority of you are sitting now as you read this? How are you sitting?

My Week of Breakfast Smoothies

I am a porridge girl! I literally go to sleep looking forward to my porridge in the morning. Even though this is a great healthy breakfast, I wanted to change things up a bit with my morning routine and as much as I love eggs and salmon at the weekend, I never fancy it when I wake up at 6:45 on a weekday. I’ve only just got into smoothies and juices and discovered they are such an amazing way to start your day! I’m talking about the homemade smoothie with blended fruits, vegetables and other nutritous ingredients, NOT the shop bought kind which without fail contain an excessive amount of sugar!

I spent this week waking up and blending myself delicious filling and super healthy smoothies and felt full and energetic till lunch. It’s so easy and quick once you get into the swing of it. Chopping some fruits, adding some extras with water or milk and blending for 2/3 mins then pouring into a glass- the colour is always amazing and you sip away!

Be Eager to Learn!

I am eager to be knowledgable! Yes knowledgeable about everything but imparticularly my passions… Pilates, fitness, health, nutrition and life coaching. I want to know and absorb all the information I can on these topics and then continue to learn and develop until I am practically a guru!…haha okay so I may be exaggerating slightly but I really do love to learn and I think it is so important to have this ‘zest’ especially in your choosen career path.

I am quite an impatient person and once I get an idea in my head, I want that idea to manifest into reality immediately! However, this is something I have learnt doesn’t often happen. And knowledge takes time! I’m not going to wake up tomorrow morning and be a Pilates master trainer with various qualifications, an experienced expert personal trainer and health coach…but I will one day! I have accepted this and decide to enjoy it rather than rush it. I have so many goals and ambitions to continue to study throughout my career, challenge and push myself to my limits.

Weekend Changes!

This post is me being very honest and letting you know I am a human too! If you are anything like me than weekends are packed with work drinks, meals out, family roasts, birthday party’s and cinema trips. All making it extremely hard to stick to a healthy living plan. For a while now I have given myself Friday night to Sunday night off any healthy eating routine or fitness plan…the famous cheat meal is a cheat weekend for me! I think the only way I will start to really see results in my health, fitness and body is if I change this!

Come Sunday night I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t wait to get back into routine of good food and regular exercise. I have pretty much undone any hardwork I’ve put in in classes and from eating well Monday to Thursday. Sound familiar?

Invest in YOU!

You spend £70 on a dress you wear for one night but you don’t want to spend £10 on a fitness class which is going to make you look and feel great in that dress!

I’ve began to realise that people’s priorities when it comes to what they spend there money on doesn’t really make sense! Your health and body is what keeps you moving every day. Without your health and without your body you can’t go out for dinner with friends, you can’t go on holiday, you can’t dance the night away, you can’t go shopping or run down a hill! But people take their health and body’s for granted! You know what’s good for you but are reluctant to do it or spend money on it.

Guilt Free Flapjacks!

This blog is simple! A recipe for guilt free flapjacks made from natural ingredients that you can enjoy on a Sunday afternoon and take for snacks in the week. It was also the first time I used Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is a new discovery for me and after researching and talking to other health fans, I knew it was a worthy investment. In fact, it’s a must have! I will post another blog on the amazing benefits as this was only meant to be a simple recipe. I’m not going to lie, when I pottered into Planet Organic and saw that a pot of the stuff would put me back £17 I was a little more tentative. However, I then thought to myself ‘you spend £40 on a new dress you wear once!’, ‘you spend £35 on a meal out!’, ‘you spend £20 on a taxi!’. This is £17 that you would be investing in YOU! I have began to realise that people (myself included) feel guilty investing in themselves and their body! This is something that should change but again I will discuss this issue in another blog. For now, lets get back to the guilt free flapjacks!

I’ve gone local and why you should to!

It’s Good Friday morning and my mum and I were making our list for the weekly Sainsburys shop. Over half the list is always different vegetables and fruits! Mum then suggested we checked out our local farmers shops. As I spend so much time in the heart of London, I always forget that farms and the beautiful countryside is right on my doorstep.

So we took a trip to Kelsey’s, a lovely small farmers shop just a 10 minute drive from me. It was a far cry from the aisles of packaged packed vegetables and frantic trolley traffic jams that we are normally greeted by, instead was a quaint and cosy barn stocked with a huge range of fresh and local produce to explore! Lets just say we stocked up…

FYI I don’t like running!

Yes, I may be into staying fit and healthy but I’m going to put my hands up and admit I really hate running! I also don’t like the gym! I don’t like cycling endlessly on a bike stuck to the ground! I stay toned and healthy by caring about what I eat and drink, going to a mixture of Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and barre conditioning classes and by living an active busy lifestyle. This is because I love to do this!

I tried to force myself to join gyms and ‘enjoy’ cross training! I’ve tried to make myself run outside- but it takes my body a lot of running to get warm in this weather! I’ve tried to pretend I do like getting my hair full of chlorine swimming lengths in a pool! But the truth is I never stuck to any of these things for more than two sessions- because I didn’t enjoy it!! I still believe I am a fit person as I incorporate raising my heart rate into every day life. Whenever in London and needing to get from A to B, I will walk (at a quick pace) and I always choose to walk/jog up the escalators! I may not be able to run a marathon but to be honest I don’t think my dancer’s knees would cope!

Get your Vitamin D in this Snowy March plus a Yummy Salmon Recipe!

It is safe to say we are having a lack of sunshine in the UK at the moment. As well as it being rather annoying, it is also not great for our health! 25% of people in the UK are lacking vitamin D.

So why is it so essential?

I learnt from our Orlando Family Dentist that vitamin D keeps your teeth healthy. It also helps your mood and boosts your immune system to name a few.

The main source of vitamin D is UV radiation absorbed through our skin, even when we get a small glimmer of hope when the sun shines recently, most of us are covered from head to toe in clothes, coats, scarves, hats and gloves so we are definitely not getting enough!