Are You Always Looking Forward?

This is the time of the year when everyone starts jetting off somewhere hot for a week with friends, family or partners. For anyone sitting at home in rainy June, you can’t escape the reminders that appear constantly on our facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat or whatever crazy social media app you’ve been sucked into.

All I hear around this time of year is ‘2 weeks till my holiday!’, ‘1 month till Ibiza!’, ‘counting down the hours till I jet away!’. And yes I do exactly the same! As a nation, we love looking forward to something! And that’s great…but what happens when the holiday comes and goes?

Restaurant Review: Bill’s!

Over the weekend I discovered one of my new favourite places to eat and had to share it with you. I know I generally promote being healthy and active but I want to just say that I also live a balanced life. I am not perfect and don’t restrict myself. I drink wine, cocktails and eat sausages and desert! And I normally don’t workout at all at the weekends! Yes, I am normal! I think there is so much contradicting information out there on what is the right things to eat and the best advice I can give to myself and for others is to stick to nutritionally rich unprocessed diet but if you feel like a bloody digestive biscuit then have it!  

Audrey Hepburn’s Beauty Tips

This was Audrey Hepburn’s favorite poem and I wanted to share it with you. She is remembered as the most beautiful woman to have walked the planet and this poem reveals why. I hope that you discover where true beauty lies when you read these words of wisdom. Audrey Hepburn read this to her children on the last Christmas Eve she spent on this earth.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

3 Healthy Lifestyle Habits I will never go back on!

I have pretty much always been healthy, ever since the age of 16 when I got my first job as an receptionist at New Body and Mind. I was introduced to nutrition and became very aware of what I was putting in my body. However there were still healthy lifestyle habits that I chose to ignore and didn’t want to accept. Over the last year my perspective on health and living a balanced lifestyle has changed and I was ready to accept that certain things had to change! Number 1: Stop counting calories! Are you or have you counted calories? Is your life hell?… probably! Counting calories is time consuming, miserable and actually very ineffective! Okay maybe you’ll lose weight but you might not actually be healthy!

Girly Sleepover Vegan Gluten Free Dinner Party

Last week I have three of my besties over (you may know them by now- Scar, Toni and Emily). I have recently been discovering and reading lots about vegan diets and as I’m still applying it to my own diet gradually I will not force this type of diet on anyone unless you want to find out more yourself.

I am not saying ‘I am vegan’ but because it feels right for me and my body, I choose to eat this way 80% of the time. And the other 20% is slowly being cut down too just from the choices I make when out for dinner etc. Before I knew anything about it I thought that a vegan diet was restrictive and lacking in important nutrients but it’s absolutely not the case. There are sooooo many delicious foods and meals you can make and experiment with and you really do get all the nutrients and vitamins  you need.

Don’t Make Things a ‘Big Deal!’ and Positive Outlook

On Thursday, my friend Emily and I went to lunch. Now I only have a small handful of friends that will tolerate me babble on about Pilates, nutrition and life and Emily is one of them. I am so grateful to be able to have deep conversations about things that we are actually passionate about and interested in rather than pointless gossip about TV, hair, celebs (of course we do this too ;)) but I love good topics where we can really dig deep and discuss something.

Anyway, something Emily and I got talking about over our matcha almond teas was positivity and how so many people must go each day only looking at the negative things.

Being Comfortable in Your Own Company

Are you happy doing things on your own? Going for walks, to coffee shops, to museums or theatres? I think that it is so important to dedicate time to you. Being in your own company allows you to focus and listen to yourself. You’re not surrounded by the thoughts and views of others, everything can be still and quiet inside you no matter where you are. This confidence and independence to do things on your own is very empowering. My lifestyle allows me to spend a lot of time alone, I sit in coffee shops (less so now that I have was gifted subscription boxes for coffee lovers that come shipped to my door in the morning) I make time to walk around London and discover new places without plan or a friend. I do what I want to do without the influence of others and I have the best time!

Healthy Gluten Free Pancakes and Best Friends Morning!

I love spending time with my friends and we enjoy doing and experiencing different things. I know that my way of living is very different to many 21 year olds but I am so lucky that I have a small group of amazing friends who support what I do and are interested and eager to find out more even if they do think I am a little ‘mad’!

On Thursday we went to a comedy club, I won’t tell you the name or area, as I don’t want to be negative on this blog…but let’s just say it was awful, not very funny and actually quite offending! The girls stayed over my house that evening and one of my good friends Emily is gluten free so I decided we’d make some deliciously healthy gluten free pancakes in the morning! I got the recipe off COOKIE AND KATE (one of the amazingly inspiring health blogs which has helped me on my journey). You can find the recipe here but I’d thought I’d show you a low down in pictures of how we made them and also some snazzy designs we did with toppings! (yes this is how cool me and my friends are…spending our days making healthy gluten free pancakes and designing them with fruit, nut and yogurt toppings!) They were so yummy and the perfect way to start our day! 

Say Yes More/Say No More

Say yes more and say no more…this may sound confusing but what I mean is say yes and no to the right things for you. How many times do you do something just to please someone else when quite honestly it’s not going to make you happy. Well you might say “but I was being selfless and just wanted to please them!” If you are constantly trying to please others and not yourself then you are ultimately pleasing noone. Your mood and emotions and thoughts throughout the ‘activity’ will be negative and have a negative affect on the person you are trying to please. Next time someone asks you to go somewhere, do something, eat something, drink something and you find yourself resisting, (by resisting, I mean that sense of panic and tightness you may feel inside you when your mind is battling with your heart) breathe, listen to yourself and voice your answer with confidence and honesty. State clearly how you feel. You will feel a sense of ease, release and happiness that you are listening to yourself.

Being ILL!

So I rarely rarely get ill or sick! I think it’s because I don’t let myself!  I’m sure like many of you , I am a busy person. I work out and attends classes almost every day, teach my classes, run around London, cooks food, socialises etc and I just can’t afford to be ill. It also doesn’t fit in well with the image I have of myself as a fit and healthy person! I hate to admit it but I get ill too! So last week I witnessed a lot of people in my classes were getting the cold/flu or sore throat symptoms, my family got it and I could see this illness lingering around me. I thought to myself ‘wow you are so lucky that you haven’t caught anything!’ I put it down to my healthy diet and positivity! Well they were my ‘famous last words!’