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Where I’ve Eaten Out Recently In London

quinceporridge, thedaysroomcafe, porridge, eatingoutlondon, lottiemurphyblog, lottiemurphyfood, foodielondon, eatingoutinlondon

I love cooking at home, making recipes from my many many recipe books and creating my own concoctions from scratch but I must admit I do also eat out a lot because I love it! I live in London where it’s very hard not to be a foodie. I don’t really go to bars or clubs anymore and have definitely cut back on how much I spend on clothes so I feel this justifies that I do like to spend my money on coffees and food. Eek! From brunching to date night to the trendy new vegan fast food place here’s where I’ve eaten out recently and what I recommend ordering. Enjoy foodie friends… 

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My Current Fitness Routine And Goals

freyaactive, lottiemurphy, fitnessgoals, running, fitnessblogger, healthblogger, activewear, styleblogger, lottiemurphypilates, healthandfitnessgoals, workoutroutine

We are half way through February and I thought I’d talk a little bit about my personal fitness routine, goals and how I stay motivated. I have some weeks where I’m less active than others usually the week before my period or when I’m travelling but I feel like I have been quite consistently motivated for the past 6 months due to a few reasons like finding more routine, having buddies to workout with and getting to know my optimal time to workout. There’s still things I’d like to improve which I’ll talk about too. 

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Discovering ALL The Cute Coffee Shops And More In Bath

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Oh Bath where have you been my whole life. Following on from my blog post last week about my very cosy stay at the new hotel spa No.15 Great Pulteney, I thought I’d share with you where we ventured to when we did leave the hotel- it mainly involves food and coffee but with the sun shining we also couldn’t resist wandering the streets of Bath city and taking an early morning dip in the rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa. Of course Natalie and I hunted down all the cutest coffee shops and foodie spots in 24 hours. So here’s a list of where we went; if you know you’re just like us and find yourself in Bath craving a matcha latte and a long lunch at the best vegan restaurant then save this post now…

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All The Best Things In Life Getaway At No.15 Great Pulteney Bath Spa Hotel

ghotelroom bath no15greatpulterneystreet lottiemurphyblogger

Sometimes I feel like I’m 26 going on 76 and I even think some 76 years olds live it up a bit more than me. I’ve never been a party animal but I’ve always loved a night out, drinking and chatting the night away in a bar and I have definitely been the last one on the dance floor numerous times but for me, nothing beats a cosy night in too. Lolling on an Eva bed, reading sleep on latex reviews by 9pm with a hot chocolate and a good movie or my book and by the way nothing beats doing this at new boutique hotel and spa No.15 Great Pulteney in Bath with your bestie…

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There’s Blue Sky Above The Clouds, Why I Love January

joules activewear lottie murphy blogger fitness motivation postIt was dark grey and rainy when I looked out my window at 7:30am this morning on apparently the “most depressing day of the year.” My bedroom floor however had a pop of pink colour and petal print from the Joules activewear I’d laid out the last night before and nothing was going to stop me from heading out for a run to start my birthday week feeling fresh. You see my birthday always falls on the third week of January when the odds are slightly against us all when it comes to feeling on top form but this year has felt slightly different…

My London (some of mine and my besties hidden gems)

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I feel like everyone has their own little London; their fave spots for brunch, for pizza, a secret banana bread find, a cute spot to read in a park, a fave salsa class. I was inspired to write this blog post towards the end of last year when out with some blogger girls and we was chatting about all our fave places in London and I realised that I hadn’t even heard or been to some of them. London is just full to the brim with incredible hang outs, foodie places, studios and everyone has their faves. So I thought I’d dedicate a little post to share the love of mine and some of my fave blogger gals. From a Swedish Bakery in Covent Garden to a stunning palace in South East London perfect for a picnic to a place you can get your shellac manicure and watch a the latest blockbuster; you’ll get an insight into our London… 

My New Year Resolutions 2018

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Hey guys, happy belated new year. It always takes me a few days to adjust to the new year. New Year’s Day is a bit write off for me and I always feel slightly weird; like I should feel different just because it’s a new year. Really it’s only the day after the 31st December. Plus the over consumption of alcohol the night before doesn’t help that feeling of blurgh (more on that later.) I don’t think I’ve ever really done a new years resolutions blog post and I didn’t actually think I’d even make any this year but I’ve been thinking a lot this first week in January, uh oh! A little reflective perhaps but more about what would really make a difference to my life, to me. There’s a lot of self help material around this time of year which I’m all for dipping in and out of for inspiration but it sometimes takes us a little off track. Oh that girl on Instagram is going to meditate for every day in 2018 I better do that too or your best friend has signed up to do a new hardcore gym and convinced you to join her, but are these resolutions the best for you

Breakfast At Farmacy With Daisy London And Crystals


I was honoured to be asked my one of my favourite jewellery brands (Citrine Birthstone), Daisy London, to be one of the ambassadors for their new healing stones collection. I represent the Rose Quartz pendant which is the crystal of unconditional love and has a subtle pink complexion. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it every day. To have a healing stone that is said to carry a soft, feminine energy of compassion and tenderness around my neck daily is really special and reminds me to always choose love over fear. I got together with the Daisy girls at Farmacy in Notting Hill for a morning of teas, coffee, avocado on toast, pancakes and to talk all things crystals…


Tahini and Pistachio Porridge

TahinI_Pistachio_Porridge_QuakerOats_Proteinporridge_porridgerecipe_lifestyle_wellbeing_lottiemurphyblog_foodbloggerThis post is sponsored as an advertorial for Quaker Oats UK

So a pretty famous recipe amongst my retreat and event attendees is a tahini and pistachio cookie I learnt to make when on retreat with one of my favourite chefs, Kimberly Parsons. I make batches all the time for my boyfriend and to take to friends houses too. I love the creamy nutty combination of tahini and pistachio and it’s what inspired this porridge recipe because why not turn a cookie recipe into porridge so you can enjoy it every single morning! As you know I’m partnering with the NEW Oat So Simple Protein and bringing you yummy porridge recipes throughout the winter months. The protein sachets comes in two variants; Original and Cinnamon and this recipe works perfectly with the cinnamon one. This breakfast is delicious and convenient for any busy morning routine or pre workout. Porridge and Pilates is becoming my motto for life 😉