I Have A Phobia For Bikes And Cardio But Psycle Is For Me

I’m a firm believer that to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, when it comes to exercise you must enjoy it. I love my Pilates and Yoga but I really struggle with cardio. I’ve tried running, swimming, personal training and once upon a time tried one spin class at a gym that left me feeling like I’d wasted 45 precious minutes of my life wheeling my legs around on a static metal bike. So let’s just say I have been a little skeptical when it comes to spin classes or shall we say intense workouts in general. I love flowing movements, a tranquil room and calm music…until NOW! Psycle is a spin studio in Oxford Circus that is gives you a high intensity full body workout on a bike with music and motivating instructors- similar to Soul Cycle in America.

After my first session, I felt like I’d somehow done a cardio workout, yoga session, weight session, meditated and gone to a night club to dance the night away all rolled into one. It was the best feeling, an addictive feeling! I wanted more! Now don’t get me wrong- during the session was a little different. I thought I was going to die! Although I do believe I now had one of the toughest instructors Rhian who is an inspiration to say the least.

 I had been eager to try Psycle since the opening of the luxe bike studio earlier this year. I am so glad, I finally got around to going because Psycle slapped me around the face, kicked my butt and made me realize I need to do more of this type of exercise. Not only feel did I feel incredible after but want to get back on that bike again and again! Falling in love with fitness is the best feeling!

 So what makes Psycle so bloody brilliant…

Foodie Fridays: Raw Mango Dessert

I am a dessert girl. After I’ve had my dinner in the evening, I always fancy something a little sweeter and I’m always perusing the dessert menu at restaurants no matter how stuffed I am. Some quick go to desserts I normally have at home are things like greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon or coconut flakes, oatcakes, dark chocolate etc, but the other day I just fancied being a little more adventurous and this Raw Mango Dessert was born and I absolutely love it.

Mango is one of my favourite tropical fruits. They are high in the antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C so they are really good for your immune system- just what we need to keep us healthy in Autumn. Mangos are also great for aiding digestion as they contain enzymes which help breakdown protein and fibre. This dessert feels really indulgent and filling but is only full of goodness so you can enjoy completely guilt-free!

My Diet on Holiday

I sometimes feel that people think I am this super super healthy person who would never even touch a chip or grain of white sugar -remember on twitter/instagram you only see a perfectly photographed healthy meal that one has prepared- hypothetically speaking who’s to say I haven’t scoffed 50g dark chocolate right before that post haha (never happened…hmmm).

I want to be an inspiration to anyone and everyone- to show people how to live a more balanced healthy life and to feel amazing every single day but that still doesn’t mean I’m perfect! But what is perfect anyway- in my eyes being too healthy isn’t perfect at all. Check out my post on Why For Me Being Too Healthy is Unhealthy

Holidaying for most is time for complete relaxation but people then associate that with their diet – eating unhealthy and as much as they can. Remember being healthy is a lifestyle and I can never understand why people work there butts of at the gym and do juice cleanses/various crazy diets before a holiday to then go and feel sick, unhealthy, lethargic and disgusted by themselves by eating as much as they possibly can for a week.

That being said I am not a nun on holiday, I find a balance. I LOVE and enjoy healthy foods so I’m not going to change that for a week just because I’m on “holiday” but I also like to enjoy the local favourites which might not necessarily be healthy, I love to eat ice-cream and drink wine so a holiday is a nice time to indulge a little.


Last week I was on holiday in Kefalonia for a week- so this is a little run down of what my diet was like followed by a photo diary of some meals…

Wellbeing Wednesdays: Stress Less

I thought I’d follow some of my own advice and have a little more structure to my blog. I am going to aim to have a regular ‘wellbeing wednesday’ post, a regular ‘foodie friday’ post and then my sunday video each week. I want to be honest with you and admit that this may not happen every week and of course I will sometimes have other reviews/meal plan posts too but I feel like my blog and I will get along much better with some structure and routine- so here we go with the first Wellbeing Wednesday!

Stress Less


We can all be a lit touchy sometimes. It’s okay, we are only human and can’t be calm and have it all together 24/7 but being stressed out isn’t fun. To be honest, I do feel quite lucky that I don’t lead a stressful life and am a pretty stress free person but I know that a lot of people suffer from stress and everyone’s different! It could be that you are stressed because of a life changing nightmare or it could be that you are stressed due to not having a snack!

Being stress free is component of good health and balance in your life- that’s what I’m all about!

I believe that stress can lead to illness, destruct relationships, make you gain weight and just generally make you feel a bit AHHHHH! So let’s get stress free, here’s my top tips…

How to Get Back On Track

I feel like 30 hour days would be perfect. An extra hour to workout, an hour to meditate and practice mindfulness, an hour to read, an hour to clean, an hour to call friends and family and an extra hour in bed! Who’s in charge of hours in the day? Can we have a word please?

Summer so far has been my busiest and best yet! I’ve been working more than ever but also having lots of fun. However, this leads to two things that can stress me out a little. 1. Not finding time to workout, meditate, rest. 2. My house getting messy, washing piling up.

I’m know I’m not speaking for myself. I really feel at the moment everyone around me is the same. From my mum to my clients to people on social media! Perhaps we take on a little too much sometimes and our intentions are to still fit in time for ourselves but in my case in can literally seem impossible. This has really been especially hard the last two weeks and I wanted to just concentrate this blog post on body shape/weight and emotions relating to that topic.

Lots of factors come into making me very aware of my body shape/weight. From dancing since the age of 5 and then going into a Pilates instructor career, I’ve pretty much had to be conscious of my body every single day. I’ve probably worn a leotard, leggings or crop top nearly every day of my life and I’ve probably had to stand in front of a mirror in this attire almost every day of my life. This isn’t a negative but it does make you very aware when you put an extra few lbs or when you don’t train and notice the shape of your legs change.

So the last couple of weeks, I’ve not really worked out properly and I’ve drank alcohol at the weekends and I’ve gone out for lots of meals and had dessert. In the week I’ve then tried to get back on track but ended up just eating LOTS of healthy food- I’m talking a few too many raw nut bars a day! I know I’ve put on a little weight and I know I’m not as lean or toned as I was at the start of summer but that’s okay! I’m still in good shape and slim. But it’s difficult to think like that- my mind likes to go into panic and beat myself up mode. Now I know that is only going to make things worse.

So what to do when you’ve perhaps come out of your normal healthy routine for a bit, maybe because of a summer holiday where there’s all inclusive unlimited food and cocktails or maybe just from being super busy and not being able to workout. Here’s what I’ve done this week to try and get myself back on track…

Beauty, Hair, Wellbeing Favourites Video

I thought I would do a bit of a different video this week and tell you about some of the beauty, hair and wellbeing products I’ve been using and loving at the moment.

Link to Video

As much as I believe, eating well, drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep is the most important things you can do to maintain healthy skin, hair and a natural glow, I am still a girly girl and love buying and experimenting with different products.

I am not strict with using all natural organic beauty products however I am aware of the toxins that are in the lotions and potions that us girlies like to use to make us feel beautiful. At this stage in my life, I like wearing makeup and using moisturisers and hair products and perhaps they’ll be a time when I do become a little more natural and conscious of what I use however at the moment as I said I am not strict with it. I have however been trying to experiment with more natural brands out there and you’ll see in my video why I use two different moisturisers, a day and night cream from Neal’s Yard Remedies.


The Secret to Making Better Decisions

I have always been the most indecisive person ever! When I was younger, I’d make my decisions based on my mum’s advice as I felt like that would always be the best way. I guess I then began to rely on trusting someone else’s decisions rather than my own for a fear of making the wrong choice.

As I got older, I had to start making decisions for myself but boy that was hard even when it came to deciding whether to go out or stay in, I’d literally get myself in such a state. Even the other day, I wasn’t sure whether to go to a yoga class or stay at home and get jobs done but that’s when I used my secret 😉 As I now live with my boyfriend, it’s him that has to put up with me pestering him to help me make a decision. “But what do yoooou think I should do?”, it’s like I don’t want that pressure but Jamie is just as bad as me when it comes to decision making and can honestly say I’ve definitely improved since moving out.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that goes through some torturous minutes, hours, days trying to make a decision. We propel ourselves into the future, fearing that we will regret the choice we made and then beat ourselves up about it. This is all down to the mind being so busy and cloudy. Whether it be a decision to do with a relationship, job, time management, finance or simply what to eat for dinner- we think too much! No one can predict the future!

At the end of the day, you will make a choice and that choice is the right one. It comes down to trusting the present moment and the fact is, where you are right now is exactly where you should be! Every decision you’ve made in your life previous to this present moment has got you here. Yes, right here- reading my blog post 😉

So what’s my secret?…