Pilates Perfect Arms | August Challenge

Pilates perfect armsIn the month of August, I am going to be uploading a new Pilates workout video each week on my youtube channel, kicking off this week with Pilates Perfect Arms. I am going to target four of the main areas I get asked to tone which is arms, butt, abs and inner thighs. As August is looking to be a scorcher there’s no better way to feel even more fabulous in your summer outfits then with some extra Pilates each week. 

Touch Your Toes At 90!

touch your toes at 90

Sitting for 12 hours a day then doing a 20 minute run just isn’t enough to achieve a healthy functional body until old age! As much as I love that Pilates will get you a lean toned physique and perky bum, it’s also the most functional form of exercise. Functional exercise means training the body for exercises performed in every day life. Now what do most of us do all day in every day life? Sit at a desk, drive, get stressed, run, stand squished on a tube? We don’t tend to love our bodies or take care of them.

Down In The Dumps

Like a bad hair day, sometimes we can wake up a little down in the dumps for no reason at all! I haven’t really felt myself the last couple of days and have been a little down in the dumps on some days for the last few weeks. Some people have even noticed and asked if I’m okay which was at first making me feel really uneasy and defensive. I’d beat myself up for letting people see that I was a bit groggy and not my usual positive bright self but sometimes I just can’t help being a little subdued.

Roasted Chickpeas


I’ve been trying to really cut back on my sugar over the last couple of weeks. I will do a more detailed post about why and how I’ve been doing this but it has meant I’ve really had to think more carefully about my snack choices. I would always tend to grab a nakd bar, some dark chocolate or piece of fruit if I wanted a quick snack but these snacks can really build your sugar levels

Ultimate Green Smoothie

ultimate green smoothie 2

Sometimes I just crave green smoothies! They really make me feel like I’m glowing from the inside out. I’ve been starting my day recently with the what I would call ultimate green smoothie. If you are a newbie to drinking anything green then try this and I promise you will love it.

How To Have A Healthy Heatwave


Wowee, it’s definitely Summer! How exciting and how…hot! Is anyone else really hot? Not complaining! Not complaining! I thought I’d do a little post on some tips to stay healthy during the heatwave when it comes to exercise, food and general wellbeing. Of course we all want to be drinking Pimms in a pub garden and that is certainly what I’ll be doing come the weekend

If You Try To Be Something You’re Not, You’ll End Up Being Nothing. 


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If you try to be something you’re not, you’ll end up being nothing.

I’ve recently had a little bit of a talking to myself. It happened after something my amazing boyfriend said to me after I posted something on instagram. It made me stop and question am I really staying true to me and showing who I really am on social media or am I being influenced by others, others with say more followers/more opportunities.

This Week Eat Turmeric

power pancakes

When we think of super foods, it’s normally spirulina and cacao that come to mind but there’s so many superfoods that are likely to be in your kitchen cupboard already and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric is often used in curries and mustard as it has that fabulous golden orange colour but I don’t typically have a curry every day surprisingly so I wanted to start adding it to recipes