The Perfect Way To Power A Weekend Workout

img_6865The weekend is when a lot of my workout plans can go out the window. A brunch with friends or sorting out my wardrobe always seems to take priority but I know when I do get in a Saturday or Sunday workout I feel amazing and so much better about the huge pub roast or cocktail night. Recently however, I’ve been so excited and even looking forward to my weekend workout because it’s been powered by two of my favourite brands ever, Neom Organics and Sweaty Betty. They have come together again and created the perfect little kit to make your workout and wellbeing routine absolutely irresistible… 

Super Simple Homemade Muesli

homemade muesli lottie murphy

I love love muesli for breakfast or topped on yogurt for a healthy snack and this homemade muesli is delicious and filling. It’s so simple but so much healthier than the shop bought versions which usually contain added sugar or oils. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics at has led to the fact that today, more and more infectious diseases (such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis) become difficult to treat due to the lower efficiency of the drug action. As a result, hospitalization becomes longer, while medical expenses and mortality increase. With this homemade version you know exactly what is going in it and it’s only good stuff. It’s so quick to make and will keep up to 30 days in an airtight contain so no excuses for a healthy breakfast…

Wellness Tips To Keep You Going Until Christmas


So we are still a good solid nine weeks away from Christmas and honestly I’ve been feeling a bit like I just want this year to be over so I can have a fresh new year ahead of me. I had to give myself a little talking to as I am not one to wish time away and I know I don’t need a fresh year or even a new week to start living to my fullest and achieving some goals. So for the last quarter of the year we can choose to get lazy and succumb to the Christmas slump or we can pull ourselves up, make exciting plans and feel the best we’ve felt all year because why not? So here’s some ways I think we can end 2016 feeling healthy, happy and ready to start 2017 ahead of the game…

How To Stay Productive

how to be productive lottie murphy

Life is busy right? We are all juggling work life, emails, perhaps starting or running a blog, social media, social lives. Yet I still don’t understand why when my to do list is 2 pages long, I have a pile of admin and a full inbox, I sometimes sit and watch an hour of youtube videos or scroll through endless apps on my phone achieving nothing! And I LOVE my work so what stops me being productive? I am actually asking you because I really don’t know. However what I have done is compile a list of helpful productivity tips that I know help me massively when I’m having a watching cats do funny things day… 

Activewear: This Trend Is Here To Stay

lottie murphy adidas

As we head towards cold rainy dark mornings, it becomes increasingly more challenging to get the trainers on a 6am for a class or run but I really believe if you look the part you feel the part. Stylish activewear gets me excited to workout and if I can grab brunch in it with the girls after then I’m so much more likely to get out the door. With so so much choice for activewear nowadays it’s hard to know where to start, stylist and co-founder of Style Sportif Jemma Bolt kindly shares her top five activewear trends. Just wait for the Adidas jacket (heart shaped eyes emoji). Jemma can you please style me everyday…

How To Make A Matcha Latte And Mask

matcha tea mask

I feel like this year is on fast forward? I can’t believe we are now in October. It’s been exciting and busy for everyone but like I wrote about in my post “Don’t Forget About Me London”, we can let life run away without really sitting back and reflecting. This is why I am BIG on “me time”, slowing down and pressing pause on life. Life’s too short to spend it in a rush! There’s many ways I love to press pause but after being introduced to the new Origins RitualiTea Mask Collection recently I have a new favourite press pause moment that I wanted to share with you today. 

September Update

lottie murphy september update

I thought it would be nice to start doing a monthly post about some things I’ve been up to and maybe some things I’ve been loving too. I get asked a lot of questions about my daily life and what I actually do day to day so these posts will be a bit of an insight into the life of Lottie and also a nice way for me to reflect on my month and the fun things I’ve done as I do really struggle with the whole snapchat thing. I will try to get better at vlogging behind the scenes at events and photo shoots so will start sharing those in these posts too. So September… 

3 Simple Sunday Food Preps

sweet potato lunch

Food prep is key to staying on track during the week and Sunday’s are my favourite days to get organised. I thought I’d share 3 simple things I prep that really help me out in the week when I don’t have much time. This time of year I make sure I keep my motivation by prepping my meals and planning my workouts. As the mornings get darker and the evenings get chillier it’s get’s a bit more of a challenge not too ditch the sweat session for an extra hour in bed and avoid having 3 hot chocolates a day right?