Lottie has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years after falling in love with it when training to be a professional ballet dancer. She trained with the renowned Body Control Pilates and has since continued her training there taking various courses and workshops over the years and is qualified in pre and postnatal Pilates as well as the Pilates equipment. Lottie has built a name for herself in the Pilates world and regularly comments as a Pilates expert in the press and has featured in Red Magazine, the Telegraph and the Guardian.
During her Pilates career, Lottie has worked with a wide range of clients, brands and in the corporate world and believes Pilates is for everyone. Her classes are technical and core focused but also creative and fun. Lottie also hosts retreats in the U.K and abroad and has create a online and offline community via her youtube channel, blog and own classes she runs in south-east London. Lottie is continuously interested in educating herself future and helping spread the never ended benefits of Pilates and how life changing it can be, about how mindful movement can be beneficial for not only physical but also mental health. Lottie is also continuing to study and looking to I want to gain further knowledge in Pilates for MS/Parkinsons and Movement For Mental Health.
For business enquiries please contact lucy@rivertalent.co.uk
For Pilates enquiries please contact lottie@lottiemurphy.com