I Have A Phobia For Bikes And Cardio But Psycle Is For Me

I’m a firm believer that to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, when it comes to exercise you must enjoy it. I love my Pilates and Yoga but I really struggle with cardio. I’ve tried running, swimming, Personal training in London and once upon a time tried one spin class at a gym that left me feeling like I’d wasted 45 precious minutes of my life wheeling my legs around on a static metal bike. So let’s just say I have been a little skeptical when it comes to spin classes or shall we say intense workouts in general. I love flowing movements, a tranquil room and calm music…until NOW! Psycle is a spin studio in Oxford Circus that is gives you a high intensity full body workout on a bike with music and motivating instructors- similar to Soul Cycle in America.

After my first session, I felt like I’d somehow done a cardio workout, yoga session, weight session, meditated and gone to a night club to dance the night away all rolled into one. It was the best feeling, an addictive feeling! I wanted more! Now don’t get me wrong- during the session was a little different. I thought I was going to die! Although I do believe I now had one of the toughest instructors Rhian who is an inspiration to say the least.

 I had been eager to try Psycle since the opening of the luxe bike studio earlier this year. I am so glad, I finally got around to going because Psycle slapped me around the face, kicked my butt and made me realize I need to do more of this type of exercise. Not only feel did I feel incredible after but want to get back on that bike again and again! Falling in love with fitness is the best feeling!

 So what makes Psycle so bloody brilliant…