Foodie Fridays: Raw Mango Dessert

I am a dessert girl. After I’ve had my dinner in the evening, I always fancy something a little sweeter and I’m always perusing the dessert menu at restaurants no matter how stuffed I am. Some quick go to desserts I normally have at home are things like greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon or coconut flakes, oatcakes, dark chocolate etc, but the other day I just fancied being a little more adventurous and this Raw Mango Dessert was born and I absolutely love it.

Mango is one of my favourite tropical fruits. They are high in the antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C so they are really good for your immune system- just what we need to keep us healthy in Autumn. Mangos are also great for aiding digestion as they contain enzymes which help breakdown protein and fibre. This dessert feels really indulgent and filling but is only full of goodness so you can enjoy completely guilt-free!