Raw Coconut and Quinoa Bites

Snacking is probably my favourite hobby! I used to love any kind of cereal bar before it became common health foodies knowledge about the fact they are actually very unhealthy, processed and sugary! I now would only enjoy nakd bars as a shop bought packaged snack as they literally only contain dates and nuts but after finding so many amazing healthy food blogs online I discovered the bliss ball/snack ball/round bite wonders that are simply raw ingredients blended together and frozen.

These Raw Coconut and Quinoa Bites are seriously good, so good infact that I left a Tupperware of them in the fridge and my boyfriend had devoured three of them by the time I’d got home and this is saying something when it comes to my boyfriend and anything remotely healthy let alone ‘raw’ and ‘vegan’.

There is no sweetener added to these as they really don’t need it. The medjool dates make them delicious enough blended with quinoa flakes, pecans and chia seeds making them a perfect afternoon energy boost, quick morning out the door breakfast or delicious dessert combined with some coconut or greek yogurt.

I decided to use quinoa flakes as an alternative to oats as they are gluten free but are generally the much healthier option, really easy to digest, a complete protein and contain high levels of antioxidants…