My Dublin Healthy Havens

Over the weekend I was in Dublin and I was delighted to find some little foodie gems that I wanted to share with you! I didn’t expect to find anything remotely appropriate for health foodies let alone places specifically targeted at them! But I did and was excited to eat at wonderful restaurants and caf├ęs with amazing fresh food options. From sourdough bread to raw food menus, Dublin delivered!

I love eating out and never really worry too much about being health conscious but always get excited when I find great places with nutritious and delicious menus. The two places I’ve picked are not only healthy but really cool too. The vibe and interior design were awesome in both, making the experience even more enjoyable even if your not a health foodie like me.

For Lunch

The Cake Cafe

This really is a hidden gem, tucked down a quiet and rather eery back street a short walk from Stephens Green, I was a little tentative to trust the GPS but once inside the little front garden, there’s a buzzy energy of friends and families chatting over coffee, gluten free cakes and sourdough open bread sandwiches.

The Cake Cafe are famous for their freshly baked bread and cakes and their “beans on toast”. However I opted for a roasted tomato, onion, rocked and feta open sandwich on brown sourdough which was truly the best bread I’ve ever had. I also had a almond milk mocha and a slice of courgette cake (I was on holiday after all)…