The Battle with Counting Calories

After posting my piece “Why for Me Being Too Healthy is Unhealthy”, I got an overwhelming response from beautiful young woman who are possibly struggling with a balanced lifestyle, who said they were grateful for my honesty and sharing my lifestyle now has really inspired them. I firstly want to thank anyone who reached out to me as it always make my day hearing from my readers.

This post again is a personal and honest one and it touches the issue calorie counting, something I know some of my readers and I’m sure a lot of people feel confused about. I was confused, I am confused, we will forever be confused in my eyes hehe. But again my approach, as always comes down to moderation, balance and a healthy happy mind!

I’ve gone through stages of counting every single calorie I consume, to vaguely trying to figure out numbers in my head to then not giving a crap. Now, I know a lot of people and me included to a certain extent would say counting calories is extreme, restrictive and not necessary and to be honest it is pretty hell. Trying to work out how many calories is in your homemade salad down do the drizzle of balsamic glaze is rather stressful to say the least but I’ve been there. I’ve weighted nuts! Even after knowing that a small handful is roughly around 25g, you still have to bloody go and weight them every single day! Boring and NOT healthy for the mind in my eyes.


When I went through stages of calorie counting it was not very fun, did not promote my wellbeing and left me feeling stressed to say the least BUT I was in control. And this need for control is the underlying issue which then perhaps becomes the fear of not knowing, hense the weighing of those bloody nuts…..