Moving Out and Living With a Boy!

In a couple of weeks, after turning 22 I will be moving out of my parents and moving in with a boy! Obviously not just any old boy, my lovely long term boyfriend but never the less a “stinky boy!”

Moving out is a big deal, for me and others I’m sure. I’ve loved living at home. I didn’t move out for college and I’ve always had a great relationship with my parents. Honestly, at first, the thought of moving out of that support network scared me. I don’t know why as I’ve always had my independence, I love my boyfriend and I feel ready to move out but there’s still been that strange butterfly feeling lingering for the last couple of months.

It’s change! Change is scary- but it’s also healthy and exciting, it’s part of life and it means we transition from one stage to the next. “You must exit your comfort zone to grow”