My 4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep

2015 is going to be a fabulous year for you! Set out with the right intentions, be positive and make this your year! I get so excited at new year because I love fresh starts! I am a fan of resolutions and I make them every year but also believe that every single day can be a fresh start and new opportunity to set goals, be healthier, be kinder and chase dreams! So if it gets to January 8th and you’ve given up on all your resolutions then take a deep breath, re-focus, re-evaluate and start a fresh on January 9th!

A Pilates Instructor’s Day | What I Eat VIDEO

Every day is different for me but I thought it might be quite fun for you guys to follow me on a typical midweek day as a Pilates Instructor. In this little 2 minute video you’ll see what time I wake up, what I eat, snack on, where I have a cheeky shop, where I walk and what I see! My dinner was in particularly really yummy and I had made it the night before and then packed it for my dinner the next day too as on Wednesday’s I teach right into the evening! It was oven baked salmon, brown rice, cabbage and broccoli. I then drizzled toasted sesame oil, tamari soy sauce, chilli flakes, black sesame seeds and Himalayan crystal salt on top! You have to try it!

A Pilates Instructor’s Day

How To Make Healthy Breakfast Pancakes | VIDEO

I love changing up what I have for breakfast and I think it’s really important to have some variety but to also figure out what makes you feel great in the morning and sets you up for a fab day. Play around for a week with having a different breakfast every day and take note of how you feel after and throughout the day. One day have porridge, the next day have smoked salmon and avocado and then a green juice and then give my healthy breakfast pancakes a go!

These pancakes are one of my favourite things to have for breakfast. They are so yummy, fluffy and nutritious. The combo of natural sugars from banana, slow releasing carbs from the oats and filling protein from the egg make this a great balanced breakfast option for a busy day ahead!

1 egg
1 ripe banana
35g porridge oats
Some coconut oil to cook

Mash your banana in a bowl, add in the oats and crack the egg in the mixture. Mix it all through. Heat some coconut oil in a pan then pour your pancake mixture in, make sure the outside is set before flipping it over and heating on the other side for another minute. Then top with your favourite toppings, I love greek yogurt, cinnamon and berries!

Watch my video of how to make them here… 

Raw Christmas Pudding Balls

It’s less than two weeks till Christmas now and there’s starting to get that feeling in the air! Don’t you just love that Christmas air feeling everywhere! I was asked recently to create a “fitmas” recipe and it got me being creative in the kitchen and these babies were born. It is tricky to put healthy and christmas in the same sentence but I think I managed to get it right with these little snacks. They basically incorporate all the delicious healthy ingredients of a christmas pudding but without the added refined sugar, flour, bad fats and alcohol. They are raw, gluten free and dairy free and have the tasty tangy fruitiness of a naughty treat, you can enjoy these completely guilt free my lovely christmas elves.  The Raw Christmas Pudding Ball is probably one of my favourite recipes I’ve created and I hope you will think so to 😉



1 cup raisins

1 cup walnuts

2 tablespoons flaxseeds

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 tablespoon tahini

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp vanilla essence

Pinch pink himalayan salt

1 cm grated fresh ginger

Juice and flesh of half fresh orange

Raw cacao for rolling

Christmas Pressie For You | Misfit Shine Review and Giveaway

You’ve probably seen this grey watch/bracelet/secret agent looking device on my wrist in my pictures recently. No, I’m not a secret agent (sometimes I pretend to be though) it is infact a Misfit Shine and at the end of this post I will show you how you can WIN one in my first official giveaway competition which I am so excited about. Before that though you probably want to find out what is it, why I’m addicted to it and how it can work for you!

3 Moves For A Perfect Booty feat Swiss Ball

We all want a perky round Kylie bottom right but there’s also loads of other benefits to working that booty. Our glutes are the bum muscles and need to be active and toned! In Pilates we work the glutes a lot for many benefits like improving core strength, preventing back pain, preventing injuries in activities like cycling, running, walking etc. I’ve recently loved using the swiss ball for my bum exercises so I show you how to use one in this video of my 3 Moves For A Perfect Booty but you can also do all the exercises without a swiss ball using the wall/window sill so go for it bootifuls!


The Detox Winter Salad

This salad is a combo of warm and cold veggies with a nutritious dressing and sprinkle of sunflower seeds. It’s a nice option if you want something light and nutritious but also warming and filling so perfect if you know your going out for a big dinner or christmas party.  You could have this salad on its own, with some rye/wholegrain bread or as a side to some fish or chicken! I’ve been enjoying this  recently for my lunch and it’s really satisfying plus my dressing will make you LOVE kale!

Healthy Girls Guide To Christmas

 Woo hoo it’s December! Officially my favourite month of the year with a close second going to January, my birthday month! I know that lots of you that follow and support me are basically just like me, healthy girls/women who are trying to be the best possible healthy happy versions of themselves. As we are are in the Christmas month of FOOOOD, booze, mince pies, turkey, roast potatoes, quality streets etc etc, I know that lots of us stress and worry about how to stay healthy but still enjoy ourselves and indulge a little.

I thought I’d do a little video guide for a healthy girl at Christmas! There’s just three steps and if you follow them I think you’ll have a super duper Christmas and still feel fabulously healthy! Watch my video below and enjoy your advent calendar choccies this week! 😉

Juice Cleanse 101

Juicing and juice cleanses have now been around long enough to no longer be a “craze” or “fad”. There’s still lots of controversy out there about whether they are worth it or not but, like everything, it comes down to how you feel and whether you enjoy them and feel they work for you! As I’m already a healthy person, I never felt the need to do a juice cleanse but since studying a little bit more about nutrition on my Holistic Health Coach course, I now consider any burst of nutrients, minerals and phytonutrients into the body to detox, cleanse and alkalise a good thing! This is due to the fact our digestive systems have to work so hard to process the acidic food and drink we eat such as meat, dairy, alcohol and processed foods and don’t get me wrong our digestive system is supposed to work for us but sometimes it needs a break.


Party Dress Workout | Video featuring NIKE ZOOMS

I’ve been party dress shopping recently for Christmas events and love trying on lots of different styles. It’s nice to focus on what parts of your body you love and consider them when choosing a dress shape. I think the key areas to focus on showing off in winter dresses is legs, bum, shoulders and back. The belly can wait for summer! 😉 With party season in mind I decided to do a workout focusing on these areas! The workout is only 5 minutes long because I know we are always tight for time, especially this time of year, so you can do it once, twice or three times depending on how much time you have. I love doing a little workout in my bedroom before getting in the bath to get ready to go out. Maybe make this part of your getting ready routine!